1. HimesInu says

    I laugh, but I remember the day that I was almost killed as a keeper. The ball came up, deflected off my fingertips, and hit me between the eyes. The trainer, when I could comprehend enough to be told anything, told me that had my hands not been up, the ball would have pushed my nose up and into my brain cavity.

  2. LordNiko95 says

    i mean jesus christ do they really have to pump that much air into the ball?

  3. Andrew Lontis says

    barcelona are in heaps of these

  4. Hippytubachick says

    omg did u notice how much the song rock? ahhaha who sings it?

  5. Nikolay Alexandrov says

    1:27 L O L :D:D:D:D

  6. Shane McNamara says

    German Keepers get the shit kicked out of em!!!

  7. alexh13211 says

    there are things the camera does not see….

    and mostly its fake, yes but its to get the free/penalty kick

  8. pudgylumpkins says

    Soccer players overreact when they get hit though. They're all a bunch of actors.

  9. alexh13211 says

    lol….. you have never been hit have you?

  10. P Cergic says

    Hahahahahahaha !

  11. happyfeet901 says

    ya i get a couple of kicks to the face it SUCKS too one time i just dropped didn't even know what hit me till i got up hahahaha

  12. KironStrife says

    Way to take tout the competition!!

  13. sportsharks says

    is it me, or does Barca seem to be involved in over half of the incidents?

  14. Vitor Monteiro says

    i got so many too… i've played soccer for about 8 years as goalkeeper… i got so many balls in my face, but, nuts… broken fingers, ribbs… there's something that hurts more than soccer balls… soccer player's feet… got so many of those…. lol

  15. Daniel Madrid says

    i love the song-"duele la cara" or in english–"my face hurts"

  16. reveresm says

    fixed, now it works

  17. burntchicken666 says

    lol ronaldinho gets hit too

  18. Nicole Carrasco says

    Wow this video is great. Very funny!
    I loved the part when Paolo Maldini gets hit in the butt and then massages himself.

  19. Daniel Madrid says

    good compilation of clips, although it hurts just to watch them!

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