1. Aymarinho says

    So you guys are amazin at all sports, thats cool

  2. IceWarrior101 says

    lol nice.. too bad audio was deleted but cool idea

  3. Luka Geelen says

    why is everyone barefoot if its a nike commercial lol…

  4. Eugene Beavers says

    Hey, i just wanted to say where is this made and can i be in one?

  5. Corey Rathgeber says

    well its real…..dont see hows its fake… its not that amazing to seem impossible…

  6. maX Heard says

    dude ive watched most of your vids and you guys are good at hella stuff

  7. itsjohn says

    that was fucking good

  8. blondehair says

    awesome video

  9. Mapadaz says

    Funny film, by the way, whats the name of the song? 🙂

  10. Moritzrose says

    great film

  11. vince35400 says

    woooooooow so great I love it

  12. Corey Rathgeber says

    want to see hops check out my profile for "flif video" also check out Cliff Jumping Extreme.

  13. Kathy Mieko says

    That was awesome!
    (The only thing I'd like better is to see some of the girls doing more of the skills than the seated head bump…but really great job!)

  14. This Guy says

    Sweet, I love all your vids

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