1. Snoresville says

    Song is Darude – Sandstorm

  2. LOOT Lama says


  3. We do be Dutilly doodling says


  4. •A R A T • says

    legend says he's still drifting

  5. Skyler Wang says

    How is his knee not burnt?lol

  6. One Piece FR says

    Ce niveau d'editing c'est chaud

  7. no.nickname. idea says

    The 255 dislikes are the other team supporters

  8. Justaneddsworldfan says

    Keep the initial D memes alive my young ones

  9. La raclette c’est très calorique attention says

    Squeezie ?

  10. Darius TOP says

    legend just legende

  11. The3Minekaters says

    H o w

  12. Sébastien PAYET says

    Le démon ultime

  13. OOOF OOOF says

    That guy is literally has a hover board underneath his knees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Karolane Charest says


  15. blushwardou says

    Les 30 plus belle sec de ma vie

  16. Aeshma the Lunacy Swordwrath says

    god level editing

  17. Primal squares says

    is it possible to learn this power

  18. Gabrielle Lacroix says


  19. paul-artur Chautard says

    qui est ici grace a squeezie

  20. IffyCoronet1242 says

    it seems too real to be fake yet so fake to be real

  21. Nico Johnson says


  22. Didine Morté says

    Ahahahahah????????? je ne m'attendais pas du tout à ça

  23. Snoresville says

    if anyone was wondering, yea somebody copyright claimed the song and that got knocked out of youtube for like 3 days lmaoalso happy anniversary to this video

  24. Eric Zozio says


  25. Shronk says

    10/10 subtitles

  26. Firewolf702 says

    How I’ll celebrate when I finally get a girlfriend

  27. fbia gaming says

    What would it feel like

  28. gi gic says


  29. BluePhoenix YT says

    The captions tho

  30. Mohamed Semmadi says

    cette vidéo dure 10 seconde mais est si marrante je like

  31. B3styoutube 9959 says


  32. pepperoni pizza says

    its the wind

  33. Official SpicyRamen says

    the new mario kart looks nice

  34. A pokemon fan A huge pokemon fan says

    My god, he doesn't stop!!!!!

  35. Der Lustikus says

    1 to 1 me, when i'm playing Mordhau.

  36. Shrek the Scary Ogre says

    i just imagined how much that would hurt with his knees scraping against the ground

  37. Patrick De Cecco says

    Qui contre qui ?

  38. utako Cafe says

    What the what?????

  39. A very possible Memelord says

    It looks like everyone is chasing after that sliding menace

  40. StevenLightning says

    Beautiful editing job

  41. The Fluff says

    This made me convulse with laughter

  42. Raphaël Terrus says

    J’me suis tapé des barres de rire ? sur ça

  43. Owen Henry says

    Turn on captions

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