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Sometimes, the weather is just too poor to go out and practice. That, or maybe you only have 10 minutes or so to practice and you need some soccer indoor training drills.

In this video, I am giving you 4 soccer drills you can do inside! These are quick feet drills that if done often, will improve your touch, dribbling and how fast your feet are.

These are literally soccer drills you can do in your room!

I recommend that you do each drill for 30 seconds each and do 3 sets at the very least. You can, of course, do more.


These are one set of drills that you can do for the challenge. However, you do not have to only do these drills every day. The point of your challenge is to make sure you are practicing your dribbling on a consistent basis. Here are some other drills that you can do. I recommend that you make sure you do at least 10 minutes a day during the challenge. Do longer if you want:
Ronaldo box, Cone drills, Ronaldinho Box (video coming soon), any other quick touch routine.

Here are the videos for each one:

How To Improve Your Soccer Skills – Ronaldo Box:

How To Improve Your Soccer Skills: Ronaldinho Box:

Cone Drills (Do the drills in this video):

Other soccer quick feet drills will work as well. Feel free to vary the drills, but make sure you are doing at least 10 minutes a day.

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  1. SimplySoccer says

    NOTICE FOR EVERYONE DOING THE 30 DAY DRIBBLING CHALLENGE! These are one set of drills that you can do for the challenge. However, you do not have to only do these drills every day. The point of your challenge is to make sure you are practicing your dribbling on a consistent basis. CHECK THE DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFO AND LINKS TO OTHER DRILLS!

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    Drill #1: 1:15 [Inside Touches]
    Drill #2 2:10 [In and Out Feet]
    Drill #3 3:09 [Ins and Outs Single Foot]
    Drill #4 4:32 [Heel Rolls]

    Posting this mostly for myself, but hope this can help someone else too haha.

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