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Quick foot routine 1 –

Spontaneous dribbling –

Cone drills –

Walk dribbling –

Sometimes, the weather is just too poor to go out and practice. That, or maybe you only have 10 minutes or so to practice and you need some soccer indoor training drills.

In this video, I am giving you 4 soccer drills you can do inside! These are quick feet drills that if done often, will improve your touch, skill moves, and how fast your feet are.

These are literally soccer drills you can do in your room!

I recommend that you do each drill for 30 seconds each and do 3 sets at the very least. You can, of course, do more.

At Simply Soccer I work hard and diligently to create videos that will help you Improve Your Game and Stand Out On The pitch. I want to make you the best player on your team. Apply what I show you and I promise you that you will see yourself getting much, much better!




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  1. Esteban Bowers says

    What do you think of increase your soccer game using Episoketren System? I notice a lot of people keep on speaking about Episoketren System.

  2. Syed Ahmad says

    Seen almost all your videos….keep doin the good stuff….much appreciated…Love from Pakistan.

  3. Nat Bees says

    HI this is Nathalia Everly and thank u very much for mostly teaching me to train my feet ?

  4. PuggyForts says

    This is good for me because I am going to be in the soccer team.

  5. Rida Alsharifi says

    You are trash I could break your ankles because I play soccer 24-7.

  6. I love Soccer and animals says

    I hit a window and broke it doing this hahahah

  7. Navraj Singh Goraya says

    Who's here because of coronavirus

  8. Zarrar Khan says

    Hey Simply soccer. I try out the drills and I keep on practicing my stepovers and skills but I just seem to forget doing them or am feared and get too late. Please give me some advice. Thanks

  9. Discombobulated says

    This is mainly for me but others can use it as wellDrill 1 – 1:54Drill 2 – 2:43Drill 3 – 3:38Drill 4 – 4:22

  10. Nirmal Agarwala says

    I normally practise wearing my socks at home it's easier and better than bear foot

  11. Nirmal Agarwala says

    great drill! Amazing just for me. See if you can upload a video on "how to increase your speed at home" since I'm really slow at running.

  12. Cizzle ψ says

    I get dizzy doing the maradondas

  13. Nate Rain says

    Love these. It's raining tomorrow so I'll be doing these. Also really good for futsal too

  14. Yazeen Afsal says

    Dave is it alright if i train inside the house or outsude without shoes.

  15. Elite Step By Step says

    Hi I’m Aiden, I’m 15, I live in New South Wales Australia and I advise you should use a tennis ball with socks inside it’s harder and if you can don’t with a small tennis ball you can do it with a futsal ball or football

  16. Ted Henry says

    I need that song "you make me stronger" ?

  17. Shanta Hsieh says

    You can learn how to incrase your muscles and flexibility from Unflexal site.

  18. nihal rasheed says

    Is it okay to do this bare footed ?

  19. jsoebbing says

    great drills! thanks!

  20. _dotConnector says

    I appreciate your will and push to try teach things that if rightly applied, may help people out. Be blessed man.

  21. Yaslam, Saeed says

    is it okay to do it without choose?

  22. Brian Antonio says

    sick video

  23. Ben Jenkin says

    Excellent video

  24. Natalie Gutierrez says

    Thank you?

  25. mohammadmohsinraqeeb says

    Very good tutorials. Subbed to you. Is there any age limit for learning soccer. Will my weight come in the way of becoming good soccer player?

  26. Ammidea Lovecurse says

    this is a good video however less " "face" would be nicer

  27. Squad Vlogs says

    Thank you for this video

  28. pleazstop says

    i did this for a Christmas break, The first game i had i scored 5 goals in 45 mins. This helped me a lot Thank you<3

  29. HighOnDimzy says

    Would I get the same results from doing this bare foot on carpet as doing it in my basement which has solid floor and I would wear soccer shoes?

  30. Sahil shaikh says

    You are pro soccer player

  31. Mohamed Bedjaoui says


  32. Anam zareen says

    SimplySoccer hey bro can you do a video on how to play like messi next

  33. A 6 says

    great video

  34. Soccer skills Rex says

    I will try these

  35. Suhaib Abdullah says


  36. joey dominic says

    how do i get faster?people talk about beating the defender but i cant because the defender is able to get the ball before meany help would be nice

  37. Mateus Serpa says

    This type of music is much better when used by soccer skills videos. But on soccer drills videos I enjoy much more an more calm music, like the ones you used on your other videos.

  38. joey dominic says

    HI,thx for the great quailty vids also thx for making me a better footballer and person.i would love to see more vids of you analysing you in a match also more how to play like…vidsalso ps upload vids earlier if possiblehope you have a good day!ps like so he can sss this i want him to know how grateful i am for the hard work and support

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