Soccer Football TikToks Ronaldo & Messi Would Approve


Soccer Football TikToks Ronaldo & Messi Would Approve

Funny TikTok memes about soccer girls, football stereotypes, goalkeepers and much more!

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  1. JackTubeHD says

    My fav premier league team is Saints Fc because they are my home club

  2. Makhult Levente says

    Manchester united

  3. Wizard says


  4. heisenberg TM says

    4:07 I think that is not that special?

  5. Gellert YT10 says


  6. Frostyz LF says

    2:20 Fifa 20 be like

  7. Amaan Samir says

    My favourite team in premier league is Liverpool

  8. Natalia Alarcon says

    skiller now my favorite6:24, my mom and sister ?

  9. Rashed Janahi says

    Nutmeg 1 was better then nutmeg 2

  10. Arun James Sabu says

    Man utd

  11. LlamaClyxia says

    My is liverpool

  12. Alan Ryan says


  13. Roisin Brady says

    1st nutmeg

  14. Susi Valencia says

    The one at 0:47 so true he does that all the time???

  15. SFVivaanNinjaHyper says

    My favorite premier league team is Liverpool and Manchester City and Manchester UTD

  16. Abdulramon Kareem says

    subscribe and like always

  17. 93centz says

    1:35 1

  18. KERKOU ATHIAN says


  19. Faze Claps says

    Fav prem team Manchester United

  20. Arun Kumar Das says

    Man UTD

  21. Banele Mbetse says

    Solve this Boo_sS_x__andomAnswers Books SixRandom GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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