1. Momchil Wasilew says

    hes doing a vodoo spell on the ball lol

  2. Kiko Ramirez says

    Pfft…I can do this (In the corner crying)

  3. Bashi Ramos says

    @kuraq377 LOL

  4. Kpop Gini says


  5. kuraq377 says

    Press 5!

  6. chocodreg says

    that's a real cool video you made, well put together.

  7. Tijeritas says

    That was beast you should give me lessons!!!!!

  8. GiovannyR94 says

    Playing soccer with basket ball shoes lol

  9. kevintoti says

    lmao at 0:33

  10. Rece The Reseller says

    @rathgeberfilms yeah but i dont do freestyle

  11. Corey Rathgeber says

    there's a lot of negativity, a lot of sniping? i dont care if you think its dumb, or that your better,in fact most people don't.

  12. Corey Rathgeber says

    @TheScommy100 some of us were 12

  13. 2FanOfficial says

    @adrijus100haha i just thought it was stupid lol.

  14. Teikso says


  15. Teikso says

    @SoccerAFG4life 0:33 is russian dance lool

  16. Rece The Reseller says

    I have better things to do than make videos on YouTube all day long but I'll make one

  17. Tamim Saadi says

    Guy's, cant you get another shoes? Those shoes are too big for soccer/indoor imo. I know they are for basketbal, but why for soccer lol?

  18. Rece The Reseller says

    WTF I can do this and I'm 12

  19. haley l says

    this is amazing

  20. MrYayo22 says

    this should be the next nike commercial… NOT!

  21. HENRY LIN says

    HOLY SHIT. fucking amazing man

  22. edd aguiriano says

    Lmao DIzz Funny FAKE probably i dont care but is fun ll 😉

  23. Savanah Ross says

    go rathgabers u guys rock

  24. MahgonyGuitarist says

    @giozzal93 ya i was super confused at that, but it is america…-.- just jking

  25. Mostafa Hosseini says

    this is so fuking fake 🙂
    but its awesome

  26. giozzal93 says

    great, but why playing soccer with basketball equipment?

  27. Anon nymous says

    Wow, they are really good.

  28. Small Clan says

    its an alright vid…. but i dnt see how doing the cancan thing or doing alot of flips then kicking the ball once is freestly football…. thats just gymnastics

  29. Barwar Dinho says

    gr8 video 😉

  30. JoshTaylorVlogs says


  31. ECU7 says

    the flips and the effects were better than the tricks lol

  32. SuperSoccernerd says

    that is so cool

  33. WQ says

    is not actually the freestyle that makes it look good, its actually the video effect and editing .

  34. WQ says

    Okay….. now how am i suppose to put that in soccer?

  35. Deivid Ribeiro says

    q fala q joga essas porra ale de tudo un deles e macaco 0:35

  36. DelphineBoone says

    That snake movie was really original 🙂

  37. Omar’s Wrld says


  38. GRACEALEXA says

    haha nice

  39. vivalabust says

    cool 🙂

  40. Corey Rathgeber says

    @redsoxrule10 Id love ta school ya

  41. MohamedMeyer says


  42. Max Power says


  43. Kwame Appiah says

    yoo this is a sweet vid, nice job

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