1. djurdju djur says

    Im searching for original soundtrack in this clip..when we were kids..its some hip hop song

  2. Little Uzi says

    Is this the first ever COMP?

  3. Fifa World Cup 2014 says

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  4. mando18 says

    Its like stepping back into 2007/2008 straight out ta a time machine. 🙂 good memories and vids. Ronaldihno. Clarence. Young CR7. ROBIHNO. ronaldo.

  5. Michael G says

    basketball is more of an art

  6. Rosie Aie says

    yes, but in America it's called soccer…lolol

  7. Arjun Sharma says

    3:16 loool..

  8. MishkaUmbal says

    this is the best


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  10. felix medina says

    The real masters of the ball …

  11. Murtaza Ahmad says



    Any idiot can get steroids and run with an egg shaped ball in his hands to slam into other idiots… football is way better than american football in every possible way.
    Any Idiot can learn to throw a ball, since hands are desiged for throwing, but doing what these guys do with their feet calls for real talent and lots of hard work. Football players and run nonstop for 90 minutes, american football players would die if they tried that,

  13. Professional Bob says

    You got no thumbs up. I guess nobody agrees with you buddy.

  14. vale09881 says

    The name is FOOTBALL not Soccer!!!!

  15. ash gill says

    Nope. The sport is from England and called 'FOOTBALL''
    You're not writing in Spanish so please use the correct English 'FOOTBALL'

  16. MiniMO197 says

    thats wat its called dumbass

  17. daniel falcon says


  18. Carlos says

    I hate what soccer has turned into now…. coaches now tell you to try to injure other players, pretending to be injured, and the one i hate the most wasting as much time as possible…… even tho as much as i love soccer it has become a real stupid sport…. you dont feel the same emotions winning a game as you did in the past….. but u kno it is wut it is…..

  19. ash gill says

    If you try that first part juggling with the ball in England some plkayers going to break your leg for showing disrespect

  20. ash gill says

    Why are you calling it futbol, are you Spanish?

  21. Samuel Spark says

    Great video

  22. Franky Fourfingers says

    @soc7376 lol americans…

  23. KtK says

    @DrSalvatore31 ◄—— has been cloned to a soccer fan

  24. mastersheeper says

    what a 'beautiful' title

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