Sonic Forces: Grid 2 Edition – Cote D'Azur with Sunset Heights Music (Hyundai Genesis Coupe)


Why this video exists? I’ll tell you why. SHEER. ABSOLUTE. BOREDOM… and lack of ideas

Also, been getting back into Grid 2 to unlock extra achievements and I really like the game. It’s fun… and also cannot be purchased digitally anymore. Either you find a physical copy or sail the seven seas if you catch my drift.

Car used was the Hyundai Coupe Genesis… yes, I noticed the name. Driver AI set to Very Hard.

Music: Sonic Forces OST – Sunset Heights

Anyways, please enjoy the video. 🙂

0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Race (3rd person view)
2:15 – Cinematic Replay

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  1. Marius Urucu says

    Please let me know if somebody actually likes these sort of videos because I want to do more Grid 2 music swaps.

  2. Clean Fox Boy says

    Sonic and Hyundai Genesis? The best joke ever haahahaahGenesis was Sonic's console for those who don't know

  3. Ridge Gamer says

    Great Job Bud

  4. Максим Г. says

    I don't know why, but the sense of speed was very strong. I mean, at one intense moment I looked at the speedometer and was like "Wait, it's only 170 km/h?!"And the camera in the replay mode is the best I've ever seen in a racing game.

  5. Anooshak Chowdhury says

    Neat idea, and besides, srb2 forums are down anyways so good on you

  6. Ibrahim Islam says

    Love these videos, it's interesting to see how much sonic songs fit into fast paced games like these

  7. cheese boi says

    I don't get it, but i don't care it's awesome

  8. Sir Midnight says

    I remember in highschool when I would finish up all my school work early and the teachers would let go to the back of class to whip out my laptop and controller to play this game. Good memories.

  9. The second place 2 says


  10. Mew says

    Good thing I got my grid 2 copy when it was free and my god is this game super fun haha

  11. Marquinhuus says

    yo, you are very good bro, could you do Windy Valley? it would be really cool, a greeting from Brazil 🙂

  12. megasoniczxx says

    Wow, guess it's a good thing I got this game in a bundle (and for once actually used the dang code right away lol), don't know why they would pull it off.

  13. The ChampionBlack says

    Not gonna lie seeing this makes me wanna go back home to Athens so I can first have my PC back and second play BlazBlue,Grid2 and all that good shit with you and the other guys 😀

  14. LandaMo228 says

    Cool, can you do something with "Aqua road"?

  15. Luan do pubg says


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