Sony x Noah Cyrus "July" Music Video In Dreams


Sony/Media Molecule collaborated with Noah Cyrus to make a music video entirely in Dreams PS4

Behind The Scenes

?Social Media (Stay Connected)?

Levels Shown In The Video –

Outro Song: oddwin – 19

WHAT IS DREAMS? AND WHO IS IT FOR? Watch my video on that

John 3:16

16: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Put God First –


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  1. Del Gato Game-cat says

    Why does every Cyrus have blow up doll lips?

  2. Eonix Blitz says

    It's not easy at all. A simple rock formation took me forever.

  3. Apartment Fuerteventura says

    One more awesome example of awesome!

  4. PrincePalm says

    "Its so beautiful it made a grown man cry" -Some guy in the cloudy with a chance of meat ball

  5. Shane Francis says

    This is AMAZING it will help people know more about dream and spread the word. The video was really well put together.

  6. Rafaela B. says

    Unsubbed. Your videos are getting worse by the time, also you're not very cool to your fans. Dreams gave you the opportunity to live through Youtube, but you won't get there being an ass.

  7. lil cardiac says

    Annnnnnnnnnnd copyrighted?? but seriously this is amazing

  8. Kaine Anims says

    can you play Cubric?

  9. Sean Navarro says

    Search "Kanye West – Runaway (Remix)" in Dreams.

  10. Dan Fontaine says

    Not a fan of female artists who seem to only be able to lyricize about love interests. Be original.

  11. Ben Dreams says

    It's actually the 2nd time a video has been posted on the banner. They did one when ghosts of tsushima release too. This is Very dope tho. Looks amazing (other than that horrible dreams lens flare at points)

  12. Acika says

    This has to be a huge CPU / GPU intense game, am i wrong?

  13. Dalavine says

    Last year I suggested that movies, tv series, AAA games, music videos, and anything at all would be possible, and if production companies just took a chance.This proves that is fact. Can't wait for a full length film made in Dreams.The big question would then be, would the creator/s be able to profit.I know Mm said yes, but how? Just export or record like this?It's now not that it can be done but hasn't, it has been done, now how do we get more big name people interested? I guess the first step is to share this everywhere.

  14. Silo King says

    Never heard her music but it's a pretty good song

  15. Graffiti kingdom says

    Cool and nice

  16. Jay Miller says

    Dude Just Watched It Twice, It's Amazing!

  17. FlyawayOfficial says

    That's kinda cool

  18. Mc ROACh says

    This is an awesome precedent!

  19. Philip Banks says

    No way this is awesome!!!

  20. DoublePounch says

    Wow this is so cool ! Gives Dreams a whole new image.

  21. DaShonuff says

    I had an idea of using Dreams to make a music video of some of my favorite songs.

  22. Luca Venturini says

    Non stop Amazing content ?️??️?

  23. Deadringer says

    Did they enable it for VR? At least make it "Not Sure" and let us take a look.

  24. Yellow Flash says

    Project Genesis I have something that I’d like ya to know that Media Molecule could doCo-Op Building (Imagine you and up to 7 other Creators can load up and be in the same save at the same time and have access to the latest worked on Version always when ya load inAllowing all y’all to collaborate big time and make things quickerAllowing teams to be made in Dreams

  25. Ink_Addict says

    Absolutely beautiful. Her voice??

  26. Abstruse Video Collections says

    Was Martin Nebelong the one that got a job at media molecule thanks to dreams?

  27. RevTheGame says

    I remember how awesome it was when Project Spark had a playable music video for a Linkin Park song at the beginning of this generation. It would be fun to see a playable music video from Dreams as well.

  28. indieANER says

    Kinda sad that MM doesn't give their users/community the opportunity to create a video…

  29. sycho Saint says

    Martin Neb !!

  30. sycho Saint says


  31. sycho Saint says

    I think this is how Sony is making up for advertising it so badly

  32. sycho Saint says

    Am curious to know how they circumvented the 15second limit

  33. sycho Saint says

    Am so glad to have bet on the right horse

  34. sycho Saint says


  35. Rajhiem Daniels Public says

    All i gotta say is PS was not bluffing when they said " PLAY HAS NO LIMITS" , the average shallow minded xbox player would interpret that as a slogan about performance , but nah PS is for Gamers, Streamers, Musicians,Artist,Animator,Programmers…etc there is no limit to what you should do with a console, FPS is not the only thing out there and i'm waiting for xbox to realize that . Beautiful Music Vid btw

  36. A Q '39 says

    I was betting that Billie Eilish will be the first famous singer to release a music video on Dreams, it felt perfect for her trippy music videos, guess I was wrong, maybe she will do it in the future and it will be interactive, that would be awesome.

  37. Deku & Asta says

    I was literally thinking of a dreams music video today glad someone did one finally

  38. DancingVibez says

    The song and visuals were beautiful

  39. TGK 2 says


  40. Between the Surface says


  41. AngryGeri says


  42. daftfan121 says

    Wow that's amazing!, glad this is a thing

  43. Roman Bellic says

    When he said the aether it reminded me of cod

  44. CJ ExE says

    Im not the 1st but i came fast

  45. Yeet Yeet says


  46. DigitalKid14 says

    The song itself was made in Dreams too??That's litty

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