Sorry for Liverpool language NOT my passion I Chelsea v Wolves I Frank Lampard press conference


0:50 clean sheet crucial
1:15 Kante fitness decision
2:59 touch line row with Klopp
4:36 Champions League qualification
8:00 Cup final selection

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard takes questions on touchline row with Jurgen Klopp as he prepares his players to get the result they need against Wolves and qualify for the Champions League on the final day of the Premier League season.

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  1. Wynand Bester says

    Language is not the issue…being a sore loser is an unprofessional quality in a god damn manager.

  2. Andrei Popovici says

    Most amazing for me was how his outburst went un-unpunished! 4th official was right there & refs would normally send offenders off for this kind of behaviour.

  3. Anuj prajapati says

    Title though!!!

  4. Ray King says

    Clearly Kepa is done :p

  5. Donald Duck says

    Where’s Mane’s apology for being a cheat and a diver? Should be banned for at least three games, but of course he won’t be, after these twats own the media and the FA and PL, so they know they can get away with murder… where has that happened before………….?

  6. Who Knew 22 says

    disgusting Language Lampard but you filled up the swear box without the fans lol

  7. Bindas Bol says

    Long way to go kid…

  8. Derek Irving says

    defensive mistakes keeper under performing for whatever reason aside. with all that cfc has been through transfer ban hazard going no gave us a chance. with the young talent we have. but look at the position we're in. if asked at the start . lamps would have taken that. let's prove them doubters wrong coz that's what we do when it matters. cum on u blues.

  9. Eddy Sylverstin says

    Chelsea 0-2 Wolves and Bye2 Lampard next season. Yes he is a legend but not a good coach/manager.

  10. paul howell says

    you will be thrown to the wolves

  11. Paul Hudson says

    A man who was part of the most arrogant team in history with the most arrogant manager, you little prick. Haha

  12. Rahul Roy says

    Regret because it's get read a lot in social media not because it's ethically wrong. Long way to learn and go in coaching career.. move on hahahahahaha… That's not an easy escape, it will be remembered always.

  13. Zak Szilagyi says

    Win for wolves


    Havertz is the perfect addition and Lampard the perfect coach to weaponise him!

  15. Jared Doolin says

    Did you guys just record your screen from an outside camera??

  16. playerone says

    Oh look it's F*** Off Frank ?

  17. John Wood says

    Frank is one of the best football minds in England

  18. Kimichi Imbappe says

    Scumbag Frank.

  19. Matthew Appleby says

    As a Liverpool supporter I respect Lampard as an ex-player and coach and it is clear to see Chelsea are heading in the right direction but under pressure Lampard let himself down last Sun on the touch line against Liverpool. I agree-he still has a bit to learn.

  20. Hot n Cool Apps says

    Wolves to upset the blues.

  21. Weltenbummler Weltenbummler says

    Hey Frank, F… you as well.oh sorry for the language.?

  22. Nashon Stephen says

    In Frankie we trustIt's a must win

  23. Louis Vincent says

    wouldnt worry frank dodgy free kick like usual times in liverpool let them enjoy them selfs convid gave them what they deserve sorry stevie g 😛 fergie days are coming while i concentrate on watching these fucking fabulous young players next season is going to be somthing els pulisic werner kai lets fucking go let christian and kepa go and we game 😀 😀

  24. Remo Gaggi says

    Lampard looks intense. He should probably meditate.

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