1. Video Game Music says

    Dammit! I was too busy with Nintendo news, I missed this game!

  2. Futaba says

    It looks so boring for me, where is the game fun?

  3. Alex May says

    I'm so pogged out of my gourd I can't even put it to words. Wish Derek would hit the release button for Steam right now.

  4. Himanshu Sori says

    Four 10s in a single year? Damn

  5. ThiVas says

    I need to beat Spelunky, Rogue Legacy and 20XX one of these days. Along with the amazing Risk of Rain, getting Roguelike sequels is actually amazing.

  6. aCursingSmurf says

    this review sold it to me. can't wait for the release on pc

  7. jells31 says

    The gameplay looks quite awesome but the graphics put me of 100%. It looks like a mobile or free game sorry to say

  8. ThePowerchimp says

    Who else remembers Rick Dangerous on the Amiga??

  9. Mishiko Mishiko says

    What are the main character's pronouns?

  10. Dennis Diamond B. Belvis says

    Thank you very much, sir. I needed the information. 1x

  11. 20HAIB says

    The fact that this game and its prequel are not available on switch, someone needs to be shot or fired

  12. Bepis says

    Incredible, incredible.

  13. Keen 7: YouTube Is Toast says

    I would love to play this game… but this ghost mechanic is just a no-go for me.Some devs thankfully gave in and made this mechanic optional in their titles ("Barony" for example, or "Wasted").

  14. Tyler Harper says

    we are watching this because waiting for Israel or Alphard to make a video or is that just me.

  15. glory2marik says

    Not a game for everyone , but to this reviewer’s eyes, it is a perfect game

  16. Michael Chen says

    I always find it hard to get into the roguelike genre, even though objectively speaking I think Spelunky 2 got some nice new ideas and graphics to boot.

  17. Dim S says

    Wow, an unexpectedly well written review. Also congrats to devs!

  18. Diogo Moll G Pastro says

    Hey, an IGN score that makes sense!Great job with this one 🙂

  19. nasu hero says

    S P E L U N K Y 2 H Y P E !

  20. Tuckano says

    2020 is awesome all of a sudden

  21. ZanFear says


  22. jinxmetwice420 says

    counting the seconds till release

  23. Surfer Shayne says

    Definitely a must buy.

  24. TheGrift3r says

    Mitchell do a play through!!!!!

  25. the poisan says


  26. Toha Neploho says

    I love that nowdays you don’t have to be an AAA to get 10/10, you just need to be a masterpiece in your own way , it’s awesome!

  27. DaBlacc$aiyan says

    Hard pass, this looks like an endless mobile game

  28. Odyssydical says

    Honestley can’t wait!

  29. Pat Olson says

    I wish this would have launched on Xbox/Switch today also, yet there is no confirmation or release date anywhere in sight, for a game that's been in development for over a decade it seems like a loss to other console gamers besides PS4/PC, I love Spelunky but will have to wait to die repeatedly

  30. Doom Guy says

    Such an overrated game. This is no way a 10 IMO.

  31. FastTquick says

    I got the original game on Xbox 360 WAAYY back in 2012. Though I never finished it, I plan on getting this game for my PS4.

  32. King Sauce Games says

    Looks like a perfect switch game

  33. JDzerofive says

    How can he give the game 10/10 when he had no access to the MP??

  34. Google User says

    Spelunky 2 review: Electric Boogaloo

  35. just Dontae says

    I play Splunky at least once a year for a few weeks. One of my all the favorite indie games! I'm so excited to see this get a 10 out of 10!!!

  36. Bluemorpho28 the gamecat says

    Dan gheesling is gonna be stoked

  37. Henry Rothert says

    Spelunky is a game that I, and many others, view as near perfect. This is looking to exceed that

  38. HyprLt Blsm says

    i think mitchell is the best reviewer at ign

  39. Edgar Baez says

    ign given away those 10s

  40. That Won Dude says

    It is a fantastic thing when a reviewer clearly has a love for the game.

  41. Lucas Rodrigues says

    How much will it be?( I don't speak English very well if I said anything wrong,please talk to me and I'll learn about it).

  42. TheGreenMario 05 says

    This is the best ign review. Hands down

  43. Emanuel Beraru says


  44. Nickisorochi says

    9.30 minutes long review of a indie game, that's something you don't get to see everyday…

  45. shay allen says

    Headphone warning!! ⚠️

  46. Jason Wilson says

    Why cant i see this on the psn store?

  47. Tripod says

    The graphics look more like a downgrade.

  48. Adam says

    I think the environments could have popped more like the original but nonetheless I’m hyped

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