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Another episode in my Road to Glory FM20 series with Greek second tier side Apollon Smyrnis. This Football Manager 2020 series starts off in the Greek Super League 2 – we’ve got no money, no fans and no idea how to speak the language. But we do have Mrs Wearmouth’s millions, which she’s used to build a state of the art youth facility and some lofty ambitions of Apollon winning the Champions League and Greece winning the World Cup. If she can find a recently retired Kev…

This is going to be a kind of hybrid Youth Academy challenge (but not quite) and Building a Nation (but not quite) save, of course with an added Kev spin…

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My PC Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 1700, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD, 2TB Hard Drive

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  1. Richard Bligaard says

    Hahaha. "What more can I want. An 18 year old Brazilian" Classic

  2. Dan Cooling says

    Could someone give me recommendations on what pc would run FM20 with the 3D also running well just not to expensive please

  3. Aman The Boss says

    De La Vega is insane in my QPR career mode

  4. Complex Thoughts says

    what's a good tactic for lower leagues, I'm getting smashed in the second tier of northern ireland rn

  5. Ragin Cajun says

    Man this Argentina development save is going well.

  6. 8 HN says

    Vietsub pleysss

  7. Craig Cymerman says

    Transfer business makes ZERO sense. You had Greek 2 star CA and 5 star PA and you go buy an Argentinian version of that same player. Just makes ZERO sense. Disappointed

  8. Ragin Cajun says

    Will we even see the new stadium? Three years is a long while.

  9. David Carter says

    Love the 'Spaghetti Bowl' but should be the 'Spag Bol'

  10. João Fidalgo says


  11. Tom Hinds says

    Gotta feeling that the stadium will be called the Apollen Stadium. As my new stadium is called the Lower Breck Stadium ? should have named it after me

  12. James Harry says

    Stadium Name – Itallihad Spaghetti Stade de Cheese

  13. LPS says

    Why are you playing with pounds in Greece though, they use EUR over there other than that great save so far

  14. Jamie Oleszynski says

    The Hammersmith Apollon ?

  15. QuinnyFM says

    Look at how Fat John and all the players from previous seasons are getting on. It'll be interesting

  16. JMThought says

    The Stadio Spaghettio

  17. Bastian Schrøder Larsen says

    I like the Missus Weirmouth Stadium. I also like a good aliteration so I'm partial to the Bolognese Bowl.

  18. Fir3SouL says

    Kev why don't you try poaching the under 21/20/19 greek players ? even the senior side if they are somewhat young and affordable .

  19. Anthony Wheeler says

    I'd of thought you would go with something like Athena Arena or Zeus loose about this house for example.

  20. Mr. Ovalle says

    "The Apollo" "The Apollon""Wearmouth Way"

  21. Marius Hegli says

    Wearmouth Lasagna Stadium

  22. Sion Collins says

    The raviola I’m not sure on the rules just a thought

  23. Paul Desmond Chopping says

    how about Mission Impastabowl

  24. M A says

    gave me a heart attack seeing antoine germann, thought you'd bagged griezmann for 2.2m

  25. Gaz B says

    Watch the Non EU rules and squad registration for champs league….gotta give the youngsters some game time…you could easily play two or three of them in League games where you are big favourites, plus that might help in keeping the squad fresh

  26. Mike Dedes says

    Greek salad bowl. Now that’s a name I can get behind. Though with the sponsorship there should be a corporate entity somewhere in the title. Maybe a feta brand…

  27. Jonathan Goodman says

    Try training the Portuguese striker to round the keeper

  28. Matt W says

    Mrs Wearmouth Appreciation Stadium

  29. f.stiebeling says

    Thanks Mrs Wearmouth! My name suggestion: armégontas goniá (=Milking Nook).(But Spaghetti Bowl is quite good, actually)

  30. William Cross says

    So is your Greek plan to get most of those young South Americans to eventually get Greek nationality?

  31. Sean Coldicott says

    Kev plagiarising the spaghettihad

  32. Lunch at Marco's says

    I feel you should just call it the “New Georgios Kamaras Stadium” because he is the clubs legend or choose another historic player

  33. papasmurfette007 says

    The Spag Bowl is easy enough or else the Misseus Wearmouth Parthanon…

  34. TheMrWoody says

    Stadium Name: Arsenalcansuckit Palace

  35. Glen Stanbury says

    That's a good window with Bourne and now Apollon. You need to pack this in or people are going to start thinking you know what you're doing, Kev.

  36. GrizzFM says

    The Pasta Palace!

  37. Seanny T-B says

    The ñ in 'Piñeyro' is pronounced like the 'ny' in Espanyol, so he is in effect 'Pinyeyro'

  38. Anthony Flatt says

    Stadium name- The Holme of Democracy

  39. Adamski Alders says

    I'd love to see Ciaran Blavins and the youth get a chance this season – especially if you'll be getting the Greek job sooner rather than later.

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