1. Ernestomoises65 // SpongeBob Productions says


  2. citrus meat says

    so, THIS is WORK?

  3. Imperial Guard #28 says

    "So…this is work?"

  4. Imperial Guard #28 says

    "Patrick Star, we need to talk"

  5. Ben livchak says

    Come on Ernie the movie's about to start! Where's the Popcorn?

  6. GhosTyper says

    that male individual, whose name i can not recall, was hit on the cranium by a fruit grown in tropical regions, known as the coconut, broadcasted on a television program, which generated unrestrained laughter and amusement to myself.

  7. i still want my s p a g h e t t i says

    that guy got hit in the head with a coconut!

  8. Joey Cook says

    “That guy got hit on the hea- oh wait everyone beat me too it

  9. Nickelodeon 90s Fan says

    You missed The Thing and Squid Baby as well

  10. CEC Virginia says

    That guy got hit with Two Coconuts!

  11. Chris_TheAwsomeBoi N says


  12. andykishore says

    I knew I would see coconut comments on this video.

  13. New Yorker Saif says

    Ha ha ha! He got hit in the head with 2 coconuts.

  14. Spongy clips says

    Hahaha that guy got hit in the head with a coconut

  15. Allison Taylor says

    Oh, So this is the thanks for working overtime.

  16. Cito Browne says

    I believe this was also heard in Squid Baby as well

  17. luke bruce1225252 says

    That guy got hit in the head with a coconut!

  18. Thaddeus 124 says

    3rd comment in this video

  19. SpongeBob Clips says


  20. Moar Mosspato Productions says


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