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How to shut down other computers on your network.

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  1. Carlson Tsz-Lung WANG says

    It says not super user Lol

  2. Gaming Time says

    he says he's good with computers but he shows his own IP address

  3. Jolt of Lightnin says

    solution to shutting down your own computer: this video uses shutdown -h, try using shutdown -i instead.

  4. Person FromHeritage says


  5. Mr. Scepter says

    it say bad time format

  6. noahnootje says

    it says password

  7. Murodjon Sadullaev says

    Fuck you bitch!!!! Fucking lier!!

  8. desertplayz says

    this vid aint fake it works fine sure there is more efficient means of doing what he did but it works fine i did it to a friend to prove it

  9. Abdukodir Kodirov says

    shutdown: NOT super-user…..what is that mean ?????

  10. Gabriele De Riu says

    FAKE ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Vincent Uzumaki says


  12. hazza bgbgf says

    really nigga using terminal this is not hacking idiot I'm hacker I don't use terminal I have over 100,000 in my bank account

  13. supergeeks says

    Hmm there is a reason why you cant demonstrate this better, because if you tried, it would have shut down your computer. .__. how now brown cow?

  14. Lord Subob says

    rip off

  15. big dick 123 says

    for me it only stands not super user

  16. YouthTone says

    if u wanna legit shutdown a computer, get linux any version. its made for hacking and extreme protection.

  17. Matthew Finney says

    Whenever I type this in, I get a message saying"shutdown: NOT super-user

  18. AussiePandas says

    So if you shut down your own computer, can you turn it back on?

  19. rees p says

    I shut off my brothers and he got really mad but I was laughing so hard I know my brothers computer name so it was easy and there another way you can get into a computer on your network I just don't know fully how

  20. Pyruvate says

    fake af

  21. gayganga says

    it just shutsdown my laptop no matter what ip address i put in

  22. Fat Tiki says


  23. Fat Tiki says


  24. Fat Tiki says


  25. Fat Tiki says

    I tried this and added sudo to the front of it but it asks me for a password, what do i do for this

  26. Djah1999 says

    "sudo shutdown -h now"No matter what ip adress I put after it shut down my own computer?Pls help

  27. George Kitson says

    it just shuts down my computer

  28. Toni Ethier says

    @Chintan Patel

  29. Toni Ethier says

    all u have to do is put sudo in front of the command

  30. Appelsappig says

    Okay for everyone of those noobs that doesnt know how to become a superuser:Go to system preferences, users + groups, click the lock, click on Login options, Network account server, directory utillity, lock, edit and enable root user just type in a password go to login menu then to other and as username fill in root and as password that password you just made 🙂

  31. AcGarage says

    I did this to a random ip on my network and my mom beat my ass. It was her computer.

  32. Nick Gurr says

    tor…dark net

  33. Wardo Dawg says

    he has tor…THE DEEP WEB O-O

  34. Silver Baron Games says

    this shuts down mine

  35. 29 Jupiter Slim says

    says Shutdown NOT super-user

  36. Yeth says

    Every time I do this, it shuts down my computer not other's.

  37. PlayingDude says


  38. Bob Smithy says

    tor lelz

  39. Aaron Makhani says

    It's a prank if you type this your computer will shutdown

  40. Luke Attanasio says

    When I do it it says bat time format

  41. Tyler T says

    do ssh {hostname}passwordcommand

  42. Tas Bhu says

    Doesn't even work!

  43. Christopher Pramana says

    is there another way besides SSH?

  44. phiSHy Mixing says

    instead of arp -a, do netstat -a, this shows all computers ethernet or no ethernet

  45. Arthur Kolle says

    Every time when I type in that command with a IP address from another computer it shutdowns mine

  46. Sapphire Skid says

    shutdown: NOT super-user. What does this mean?

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