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St. Louis – The Gateway to the West. Welcome to the city that rivals its historical significance with impressive food, sports and music scenes. Don’t miss the best sights, here.

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A #StLouis #vacation is sure one to remember. From its storied museums to its lively stadiums, have a look around and see why the locals here are proud of their city. #Explore St. Louis’ past at its museums or see history standing in real-time in its preserved buildings and streets. This is a city that keeps with the new, too. With a vibrant culinary scene and cool music grooves, there’s much to love about a #visit to St. Louis. Take a break from hustle and bustle of the town and relax at one of the largest urban parks in the United States – although you’ll find this is quite a happening place, too.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. awakeningspirit20 says

    Of course I find out I had roots in St. Louis, Missouri AFTER going there. Before I moved out of the Midwest, I knew I had to get there and cross the Mississippi. I did, but probably didn't get to give this place justice since we only spent the day there. I got to go in the Arch, go to an iconic STL BBQ joint, see the Dread Scott Courthouse, and even go to a local ice cream joint and The Hill. If you're coming from Illinois like I did, go to the Cahokia Mounds first, you'll see St. Louis in all its grandeur from atop the highest mound in North America and you'll never forget that sight! Plus you learn all sorts of cool Native American history. But the mounds are a must, it's the perfect way to illuminate the grandeur of the Gateway to the West!I'll definitely be able to take it in more next time, especially now that I love blues!

  2. Abeal Ureshi says

    St. Louis is racist towards white people why the fuck would I want to travel to this shithole?

  3. Christopher Pisz says

    We need a Pittsburgh episode

  4. elegy slp says

    Expedia is driving me crazy. I can't decide where to go !

  5. The Pharmacist says

    The Zoo is free btw

  6. Bella Livorno says

    Is it a dangerous city? I've read it is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the US…


    Saint loui

  8. nonochan yeppoyo 2 says

    I came here from what will a second wave look like about corona pandemic.

  9. chancy319 says

    0:44 Once again, perpetrating that bullshit eurocentric historical view even though natives have lived here for many years before Europeans even knew it existed.

  10. Walter White says

    Don't forget to try Imos, toasted ravioli's, and our local brews!

  11. chase matthews says

    this place is cool

  12. Douglas Lee says

    Beautiful city

  13. charlita25 says

    Nice ??

  14. EstefanoCoOv says

    St. Louis SMASH!

  15. Robb McDaniel says

    Of I'm not mistaken, the largest amphitheater iin the US is The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles

  16. Biil Gayeedn says

    You Also Can Catch these Hands For Free in St.louis ?

  17. Ronisha Hector says

    Omg i love St Louis Mo, stayed in KirkWood and Honestly I'm in-love, soon come back ..

  18. zimhatesbees says

    Schlafly is St. Louis' largest craft brewery, but it's by no means "another of the cities oldest breweries" like Anheuser-Busch. Anheuser-Busch was founded in 1862. Schlafly was founded in 1991.

  19. MoGoddess Light says


  20. Rob Buglass says

    Great content , thanks

  21. Steven Dudley says

    Is Minneapolis next?

  22. Trevor Williams says

    St. Louis is a wonderful city! It's a shame this wasn't recorded in the spring of 2020. So much is changing! Today for example marks the opening of The St. Louis Wheel, a 200 foot observation wheel at Union Station! Opening with the wheel are also a carousel, mini golf, and an old time soda fountain/restaurant! By the end of this year, there will also be an aquarium at Union Station as well!Spring of 2020 will also mark the opening of City Foundry, a shopping and entertainment district in our ever growing central corridor! $8 billion+ is being invested in to construction projects in St. Louis, putting the city through a renaissance we have never seen before. This city is definitely worth a visit, or maybe a permanent move too, as we are city attracting young professionals from all around the country for our low cost of living, amazing (and mostly free) amenities and our growing tech scene.

  23. FragTmk says

    Expedia videos are always beautiful

  24. Karma Lepcha says

    Expedia please make videos of switzerland also please ?‍♂️?‍♂️

  25. frawldog says

    Best place on ?. Home of Budweiser

  26. Iheart Michelle says

    I have never been to St. Louis, MO after watching this video it makes me want to go tour the town.

  27. Shekhar Biswas says

    grate cranti

  28. Vikki G says

    I plz request to everyone round the globe…please Subscribe to this channel and watch its extraordinary videos…they are so relaxing and peaceful to our mind…Expedia people are really working hard to show us the whole world and we could see the world by sitting at one place…their picturization and music for each and every video is something extraordinary, beautiful, excellent, amazing and awesome.

  29. عيسى says

    I’m coming to st. Louis next Saturday!! I can’t wait ?♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  30. Tiago de Maria says

    Very amazing

  31. Darasing Rajput says


  32. Mark Kempsell says

    You pronounce it as "Lewis"?That's odd as Louis is the french version of Lewis, and is pronounced"Lu-ey"

  33. A typical white man says

    Expedia can make anything worth visiting.They can literally make a 10 minutes video about a random rock and you’ll want to book your ticket next day

  34. Barwry Officials says

    App very map everyone world

  35. Smita Mehera says


  36. Tarar Support says

    Beautiful city


    Expedia is great on its contents or its this city is very amazingly beautiful!♥

  38. anna sr7 says

    Wonderful, informative video! ??

  39. Anto Erickson says

    Expedia please explore and show us at least something in Africa

  40. shoes seohs says

    Churches are the most American thing

  41. Imran Hossain says

    Beautiful from ????

  42. lillyscarlet says

    My home town! If you go to STL definitely hit up our zoo, art museum and botanical gardens.

  43. Dominikus Verdian Kristiandi says

    Milan italy please

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