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St. Petersburg is a city dipped in gold. Visit Russia’s imperial city, a true rival to other great European cities. Travelers will find many marvels on and beyond the river banks.

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A striking city resting on the banks of the Neva River, #StPetersburg has long been a draw for lovers of architecture and tours often begin with the city’s legendary structures.

A #vacation here means entering a world of towering cathedrals, palaces, and gardens, many of them from the 18th century. Additional wonders have been added by Russian royalty as the decades passed Walk through the Palace Square, home of the Winter Palace, or #visit to the gold-plated dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral for astonishing views of the city.

Continue your #sightseeing by taking a boat ride down the river to Peterhof Gardens & Palace. This gilded structure and its lush array of plant life is a popular place for a quiet walk in nature or to reflect upon the engineering marvel of its 60 fountains.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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1:15 – Palace Square
1:22 – Winter Palace
2:04 – Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood
2:11 – Kazan Cathedral
2:21 – Saint Isaac’s Cathedral
2:56 – Admiralty Building
3:08 – Peter and Paul Fortress
3:34 – Peterhof Palace and Gardens
3:56 – Catherine Palace
4:19 – Summer Palace and Gardens


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  3. Avishek Ganguly says

    I am awestruck – Humongous architectures with exquisite carvings and incredibly colorful!! I must visit St. Petersberg one day (y)

  4. Иммигратеро Консульт says

    Whats music???

  5. James Dennan says

    The guys accent sounds like Louis CKs impersonation of a polish immigrant on SNL hahah

  6. Anwer Abdallah says

    لعل يوم نزورها

  7. Anwer Abdallah says

    حسبنا الله سيؤتينا الله من فضله و هو ذو الفضل العظيم

  8. 40288380968 says

    how can i find the music ?

  9. Claudine Loly says

    Merci pour cette superbe balade – AmicalementClaudine

  10. Alex Rezel says

    I still feel Russian accent of the narrator though

  11. Harvey Bhakti says

    St Petersburg its my favourite city in Russia after Moscow.

  12. Beatrice Nkundwa says

    The history of Saint Petersburg is great. It is believed Peter the brother of Jesus had twins Peter and Paul. Paul was weak and he was a priest. Peter created the Catholic Church.

  13. Mochammad Avanza says

    4:06 wtf, who this man

  14. Daniel Ku says

    It’s so beautiful and grand city with Royal Russian well maintained architectures and treasures .

  15. Andrey Lukashev says

    why in the world is this video only 5 minutes??

  16. Doctor Mubashir says

    Lovely cityVisited once in 2018 with my family Long to visit it again. No doubt, one of the most beautiful cities of world. I encourage all viewers to take a journey to this majestic city.I am sure you will remember it for the rest of your life.

  17. AW Games says

    Moscow or st peterburgLike for petersburg Comment for moscow

  18. Una Bro says

    cant wait to visit ?? much love

  19. Claudio Ciotola says

    Saint Petersburg is a magnificent city. Just it is a pity it is located in that hell called Russia.

  20. Gemechis Edosa says

    I love Russia from Ethiopia

  21. Jack Fahy says

    This city is where the great “Crime & Punishment” was set!

  22. Manish Gupta says

    I love Russian people's and Russia from India

  23. Zero You says

    Русские кому ещё по этому задали дз?

  24. Lin Vloger says

    I like this ?

  25. Gabriel Gutierrez says


  26. Layhoon Thio says

    i had the good fortune to see this magnificent city over 3 days a month ago. it was too short in retrospect. MUST return for a further in-depth tour -more walks, more contemplation, deeper appreciation of a place with so much historical significance

  27. Srinivas Radhe says


  28. František Flodr says

    Dopručuji návštěvu P. v létě o bílých nocích

  29. Ася Гимнастика says

    Мне это сказали пересказать как Дж по инглишу

  30. Annick HENRY says

    Trop beau

  31. the phoenix 315 says

    I love Russia it is absolutely divine I don’t care what anyone says! The best places to visit:1. Moscow – the spectacular capital2. St Petersburg the prestigious city 3. Kamchatka Peninsula – the highest active volcanoes in the Northern Hemisphere, and ethnic villages making it unique in Russia4. Sochi – the beach capital of the country and impeccable mountain coastline5. The Caucuses – the highest mountains in Europe, forms the border between Europe and Asia, stunning scenery and best climate in Russia6. Lake Baikal – the jewel of Siberia, surrounded by mountains, ethnic villages, and the largest lake in Asia7. Vladivostok – the largest city in the country’s Pacific coast is got pretty rolling hills, surrounded by national parks (that are unique!), and the eastern terminus of the Trans Siberian Railway8. Nizhny Novgorod – one of the nation’s historic cities9. Veliky Novgorod – one of the nation’s historic cities10. Altai Mountains – magnificent scenery and the point where Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia all meet11. The Urals – the other mountains that form the border between Europe and Asia 12. Trans Siberian Railway – the longest railway on earth! And one of the most scenic too!13. Kuril Islands – like the Aleutians are a group of volcanic islands forming between Kamchatka and Hokkaido in Japan14. Sakhalin – unique Japanese culture present there as the southern half of the island was Japanese until 1945, pristine beauty

  32. KOSTIA1108 says

    City of Vladimir Putin and Anatoly Sobtchak !!!! 😀 I LOVE ST. PETERSBURG !!!! <3

  33. Silvia Silva says

    Golg from Brazil……

  34. Urmumgae North Korea is the best Korea says

    It’s funny how it’s beautiful but the royal family got SHOT 90 years ago by the Russian people and Rasputin was there

  35. Eric Andyono says

    Я люблю вас, Петербург – Россия

  36. annie MANCEL says

    magnifique l'Hermitage un musé extraordinaire et la ville aussi un séjour inoubliable !!!

  37. Richard K says

    What is the music in the background? Beautiful music!

  38. roger remy says

    magnifique reportages et cliches ,, mon premier regard st. Petersburg sublime

  39. elite-gamma3 says

    People say Russia is rough and dangerous nah what are the smoking russia look like a beautiful place to visit i have russian friends on insta and they are such nice people if you hear about russia is dangerous it not never been but would love too yeah some parts of russia may be rough and dangerous but what country hasn’t got dangerous parts

  40. john vento says

    Why is this the most beautiful city in Russia? Italians…

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