Stanford v. Clemson: Full PK sequence in 2019 NCAA men's soccer quarterfinals


Stanford advanced to the 2019 men’s College Cup with a penalty kick win over 2 seed Clemson in the 2019 NCAA men’s soccer quarterfinals. Cardinal keeper Andrew Thomas made two huge stops in a penalty shootout to hold off No. 2 Clemson.

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Watch the entire penalty kick sequence as Stanford defeats Clemson to go to the College Cup.

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  1. Hareet1 says

    how are there so many captains?

  2. Enzo Di Vaio says

    Clemson hasn’t had a proper keep since Mizell left.

  3. kavath za says

    That was the worst camera angle i've ever seen.

  4. mozzy756 says

    Stanford goalkeeper looks like a tool

  5. XpoOnCrack says

    My team with 15 year olds will wreck Stanford ? we travel to lots of places

  6. T Lee says

    Those poor clemson misses … those misses will haunt them for the rest of their lives. For ever ever. What they make of it, idk

  7. Gabriel Mateo says

    ?????? 100%⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽ They don't know how to play ????

  8. hankash01 says

    Soccer players are such betas

  9. Alex Martinez says

    8:44 Stanford goalie is way off his line

  10. TilerP says

    I guess Andrews mom really hates him

  11. STH says

    Goalie sub didn't work out at ALL. Guessed wrong side all 6 kicks

  12. Ed Sharp says

    I thought this was the vid where the keeper saves every pen with his face

  13. Theofilos Dimas says


  14. No More says

    Clemson goalie looking like mignolet

  15. Jamie says

    Spectacular production, i delight it so much … Chief part is 0:41. I upload 1 twerking, Please check it out and tell me am I good ? ? ?

  16. Oluwabamikale Ogunbor says

    This feels like the Scot Sterling Video lol?

  17. 1000 subs without a vid says

    These guys sound like golf commentators

  18. Samuel Lewis says

    These keepers are woeful, and think they are hot shit.

  19. German Aguilar says

    None of them will ever play for a European team

  20. Nickolas Keen says

    Can you guys find any commentators that have like actual passion for what they’re talking about?

  21. Matthew Payne says

    Stanford goalie took wayyyyy to much credit for that W.

  22. Ahmed Hassan says

    Stanford won the game

  23. Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas says


  24. Meech P6ralt4 says

    Where tf was Scott sterling

  25. Orantay Blake says

    4:41 “Andrew you’re mom hates you bro” ???

  26. ratedpending (please don't sue me) says

    4:37 RIP Andrew

  27. Young CW says

    'PK sequence' it's a penalty shootout mate…

  28. David jones says

    One of the commentators is talking like he's trying to not wake up his family.

  29. horizonfios says


  30. Adrian Fonseca says

    Was this the final ?? Cuz that's what it looks like

  31. Rob Michael says

    Dang. Was hoping to see Scott Sterling in goal.

  32. Josh Miele says

    Stanford goalie is feet off the goal line before the shots are taken. I’ve no skin in the game, but that’s cheating. I guess if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying. VAR would have a field day with Stanford keep

  33. Ian T says

    why ruin the video in the description

  34. Jaden Fernandez says

    8:50 His shorts slip so far ???

  35. Prithvi randhawa says

    Stanford keep is a pen killer gawdamn

  36. Uncle Iroh says

    1:48 dude was not having it, lol

  37. NoTimeForTheOldInAndOutLove OnlyHereToReadTheMeter says

    Soccer is NOT a real sport

  38. Abel Alatorre says

    When is the championship final and will it be on TV? Please if you know reply

  39. Johnny Hur says

    some fantastic commentators

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