Star Citizen: 2016 Gamescom Live Alpha 3.0 Demo


Here’s the LIVE version excerpt of our upcoming game play demo from our Gamescom 2016 presentation.


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  1. Marthem says

    Why the 2016 version still looks better than the 2020 version ? marketing bullshits

  2. TheTovstoy says


  3. Franz Fabel says

    Woow! The door works! Everyone cheers. No wounder they never come anywhere with the game with fans that are so easy impressed.

  4. FLOGO ZGEIK says

    Watching this in 2020: boring garbagePlaying SC in 2020: boring garbageNothing changed :-/

  5. FLOGO ZGEIK says

    Never played gameplay with comm calls like that…poor SC will always be a joke…and scam

  6. Leinad Reign says

    It is interesting to watch the older marketing presentations, to compare what made it and what not.

  7. Frank says

    10:00 This is the moon landing of the gaming industry."That's one small step for man, one giant leap for *gamers*."I'm tearing up hearing the genuine cheering from the crowd.Hats off for CIG to making Star Citizen possible.

  8. GalaxyStar says

    Sadly the game still has maybe half of what they showed here

  9. Taaamas says

    I feel 3 years too late when I scroll through these comments

  10. Portus says

    quantum travel was much better here. The rest hast been greatly improved.

  11. JRD DoubleU says

    The Mobi UI looks much better here than it does now. Much more solid and clear.

  12. J R says

    1st November 2019 we still have the old MobiGlass and old UI.

  13. Drivertilldeath says

    Its 2019 and this is still not in game…………….

  14. Nick Ruiz Müller says

    In 2016 I bought this game because of this video demo(even though I was sceptic)… Today (Alpha 3.5) I´m proud to say that from my 300+ (AAA)game collection this is definitly the best game, that I currently have(even though there is still a way to go till the beta/soft release). And that I´m still going to play in 2040(If the graphics and gameplay are going to imroved regulary) In short: Chris Roberts great job! And to the haters: There is no problem that you critize this game. It can help, to make this project better. But if you just hate it without reasons do something else and more important in your life ;)Greetings from Germany and Spain!

  15. MrLoop055 says

    For anyone, who decides to buy the game! Here's the referral code "STAR-3WTP-ZQD7" to use during registration, this will provide you with extra 5,000 UEC (United Earth Credits) which can be spent on the website for weapons, ship components or decorations for your Hangar!!


    2 years later we finally get it to this level of gameplay ??

  17. Mamurai says

    When is alpha 10.0 out?

  18. Tonio Teh says

    STAR-32XC-KVVB Add this code when you buy the game, and earn 5000 credit in game !

  19. ShadowFox Gaming says

    Too bad the game how it is now with the 3.0 live is finnaly out is no where like this at all its all bs lies they conned lots of people with this demo

  20. K F says

    Please let there be really good ambient music just like you hear in the beginning…

  21. S G says

    One year ago.

  22. Michael Ives says

    best gamescon video ever ! this was the video that got me hooked on star citizen 🙂

  23. Leo Hagan says

    Jared? Jared?….JAAAA-!

  24. World is my sandbox says

    Cant wait for the live build! Keep up the good work CIG!!

  25. J. Edgar Hoover says

    LIMITED CODE!!! STAR-PTR9-JJR3guys if you use that code youll get 5000 instead of 1000 UEC's. This code is limited so be fast and grab your Bonus!

  26. LotZor says

    Jared needs to get his act together!

  27. Galactic Magic says

    The immersion level of this game is astounding. I have never seen anything like this. Phenomenal!

  28. Chris Hansen says

    will there be aliens?

  29. Antonio Manuel Bobadilla De Ovín says

    Min 6:18My headset masturbated my eardrums with all that bass…… cries in joy

  30. Jinx117 says

    I like it. I like it a lot.

  31. Atif Farooqi says

    I really hope the game comes with the presenter redundantly reading little things that come up on the screen….oh boy do i!

  32. Owen says

    Become a star citizen and get 5,000 free credits when you use my referral code to sign up.

  33. Froggerdog says

    why am I hearing gunshots in outer space???

  34. Django Lowe says

    You can get in for $45 USD and that's all you will ever have to play. If you want to get in use this link to sign up and get 5,000 free Credits when you sign up. The basic packages are at

  35. Aurin saint says

    That part at 50:00 laughed very hard.

  36. novazen says

    I understand that they want to make the game as perfect as possible before releasing it, but there is such a thing as being too perfectionist. They should just release something good and playable and enjoyable and keep updating the game over the years with all these things they're trying to add.

  37. Porko Rosso says

    Just watched this video again in anticipation of 3.0 release in the summer. Can't wait.

  38. some random person on the internet lol says

    i cannot waitthis gamebetter come out when im still aliveedit: also poor jared lol

  39. Giorgos Skordilis says

    This is far better than No Mans Lie

  40. katalistic says

    15:42 guys are not wearing a space suit. Should be dead. No point of having an airlock door if you dont need a suit in the hanger.

  41. Battlefrog says

    Wonder if you could change out of your spacesuit in your ship 😛

  42. Hashashaaa says

    I really REALLY hope you can buy ships with the standard credits in 3.0 instead of paying 30 or more dollars for a ship!


    And here is the next no man's sky

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