Star Wars Battlefront 2 Grievous Intro and Outro Music


Working on Grievous lines as we speak and it should be up within the next hour but for the meantime check out this and the next video of his gameplay.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Grievous Intro and Outro Music
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Grievous Intro and Outro Music
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Grievous Intro and Outro Music

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  1. Xørtalz says

    Me: encounters lightsabersGrievous:

  2. ーススペードのエ says

    3am checkWireless speaker hidden outside someone's college dorm checkHidden camera checkWireless speaker at 100% volume checkTime to play ☺☺☺

  3. Jarmoparmo L. says

    2 dislikesWho could have done this?

  4. Krucial says

    Looking for me?!

  5. DINGASDOER says


  6. General Grievous. says

    Music to my Audio receptors

  7. Wumbosaurus says

    Dadun dadadun dadadun dada dadadadun, dun dun duun dada dun dada dun duun, dun dadadada dun duun dun.Love this theme



  9. EpicMashed Potato says

    Why does his defeat theme sound so good!!??

  10. EpicMashed Potato says

    This is one of the reasons Grievous is my favorite character

  11. bigwhopper6501 says

    I don't know why they don't use more john Williams score it would be easier better and cheaper than using some wannabe composer with a mediocre score

  12. Martin VR says

    Grievous' theme is just amazing, we need a movie about him too!

  13. BrickTheWorld says

    Do you think you could grab the clone watch those wrist rockets voice? I am making a game and would love to have the De bradley baker version of the iconic voice line. Thanks!

  14. ¿ M ? says

    This theme is better of the theme in movie (Episode 3: Revenge of sith)

  15. Carth Onasi says

    Are you sure that sounds like a crashed speeder to me…

  16. Twinking says

    Gordy Haab is amazing, omg..

  17. fuzzman 02 says

    This is one of my favorite themes

  18. Raphaël Borg says

    Crush them ! Make them suffer !

  19. BaconBot V3000.1.1 beta says

    *laughs in raspy robot, coughing fit*

  20. LaterVader88 says

    Ah, the return of the badass version of Grievous' theme, way better than "The Flag Parade"

  21. bsgfan1 says

    The full song is Grievous Speaks to Lord Sidious from ROTS.

  22. Webzter says

    That chorus really tops this off. Amazing theme for an amazing character.

  23. Valentine Radushev says

    Ah, his classic theme! SO much better than what the original Battlefront 2 did. Yeah, you read that well – stop pretending that the 2005 Battlefront 2 is some god-like perfect game without flaws! I play that game to this day and love it to death but I always hated that they used the Podrace theme for our beloved General. Come to think of it, plenty hero themes in that game were not fitting.

  24. Stefanos Spyriounis says

    “Another one to the collection.”

  25. Steven Piraino says

    This is Grievous lets make this quick

  26. Daniel Wood says

    Even better than the track in the film.honestly grevious should've been the prominent villain throughout the prequels, and this theme could've been much better utilised than his ship simply landing in a base. Like the game THIS theme should've been used for him making a badass entrance onto the battlefield. Love how military-like it sounds too

  27. Captain Krossix says

    At least his intro music isn't broken…

  28. Randall Balion says

    They should’ve added the part where the clones arrive on utapau

  29. Luke Skywalker says

    "This will be easier than Dathomir!"

  30. Ian Mccollum says


  31. aber ber says

    Do we know if Gordy Haab composed this or it just ripped from Revenge of the Sith?

  32. Shmoint says

    I wish every time you spawned as grievous the clones would get voice lines for him such as “It’s grievous! Watch out!” Or droids saying “the general is here to help”

  33. Unlimited Bro says

    You are a Bold One!

  34. Kylo.Schrute says

    That was musik to my audio receptors

  35. Guy Mcdude says

    The outro part of it seems really jumbled and messy

  36. Fat and Furious says

    The best theme in the game. Dying doesn't matter as long as you hear the godlike music

  37. Dank Flop says

    Oh shit. This composer is the real deal. Damn

  38. The Benjaman says

    I can't believe they actually got the epic music for him I was expecting something lamer as his intro music. Now I wish it played his full theme the entire time you played as him, that would be epic!

  39. SithAssassin25 says


  40. Commissioner Noland says

    “Army or not, you must realize you are doomed.”

  41. john Smith says

    All that's missing is obi wan now

  42. Sug Dolomar says

    If his personal starfighter becomes playable I can't wait to hear this theme play as I spawn.

  43. TMoney$artwell says

    His theme is so epic

  44. We live in a society says

    Time to abandon ship

  45. JackSkywalker01 says

    General Kenobi!

  46. anakinfan8 says


  47. Zack Taft says

    i'll take command here

  48. Ahsoka Tano says

    an organic ally has come to assist us! Don't know who

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