StarCraft 2: EXTREME LATE GAME! (Live Game)


Live game of Zerg versus Terran in StarCraft 2. In this video I play a match of ZvT where I get pretty salty about Zerg late game units and the Ghost.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Mac Hilburn says

    It’s not family friendly, but neither is SC2 😂😂

  2. ColbyP says

    Imagine getting outmacro'd so hard that your opponent literally has 3 bases more than you, and then complaining about your opponent's economy. lmao. like yeah, no shit they've got more resources than you, you let them mine out 3 extra bases

  3. Marcin says

    37:58 He masterfully realizes he was sending his reinforcements through siege tanks the whole game and brings them to safety.
    10 seconds later he sends them back in there anyway.

  4. stanislavmigra says

    Lowko transforming to Avilo??? What version of Matrix is this?

  5. J Pettlon says

    Terran would be totally helpless against zerg late game without ghosts, as balance stands now. 100% zerg would win every game that got to late at medium to high skill levels.

  6. TheRabbitFear says

    zerg really needs scourge and abborations from the campaign

  7. Mars says

    I'm still sad that they added widow mines! They almost gave Terran a baneling that can hit air and doesn't die on use!

  8. Mars says

    Sees cat
    Likes video

    (I would have liked it anyway though)

  9. Arkad 207 says

    Lowko You live in typical house in Netherlands? I mean built from typical red bricks. Btw Netherlands looks beautyfull.

  10. Krish Jadhwani says

    What are the songs he's listening to?

  11. Pingvin61 says

    Your attack strategy is none existent, Serral is right you are really bad dude.

  12. QBUBUU says

    I'm so glad you won this game

  13. rizso says

    Ghosts so damn op!

  14. Psylent6 says

    Will swarm hosts not do damage to heavy ghosts? Assuming you dont let them snipe the SH.

  15. RipDove Studio says

    obviously, hindsight is 2020 and everyone has a PhD in shoulda/woulda. But I think finishing your lv 3 missiles, and when you were going Hydra/ling/bane to make a half dozen lurkers to deny his base may have helped a lot, rather than smashing your head into his army so much.

  16. Ensar'da Fae says

    High templars feedback damage on energy taken ratio nerfed. ghost snipe can heavily damage any unit. Left alone. Blizzard rearly don't like changing some units but love doing it to others

  17. I feel like he wants to impress us with all his actions per a min. But it literally makes me dizzy watching, like bro I watched you hi light troops, just to do it, like just moving around all crazy just to do it, I bet you da type to pase behind people in lines an shit

  18. Value Front says

    lowko send this replay to harstem XD

  19. eric planting says

    queens vipers infestors… emp'd OR sniped both work equally well, its actually cost effective to snipe everything with a supply count greater than two… too bad microbial shroud doesn't protect from casters

  20. Fireshrine says

    was Lowko having a bad day or what? I'm kinda surprised he was this whiny and toxic about zerg late-game… he's shown bits of complaining (often about ultras but also other stuff) in the past but it's getting a bit much, to the point that it's hard to watch.

    his content's usually pretty good but I think it'd be more fun to watch if he vocalized more thoughts on what he could do better instead or at least acted grateful for all the benefits playing zerg has. I mean, looking at it from the terran's perspective, the terran was probably just as or more frustrated than him as they couldn't really leave their base no matter how strong their army was because Lowko would probably trade armies at worst and end up ahead right after due to his better econ and map control (which are very hard to stop for terran and protoss)

    Zerg creep giving vision to protect against drop on top of increased mobility means that without a way to actually push into the middle of the map, which the terran did in fact try to do, they could never really stop lowko… and ghosts are good but they're very expensive and it's hard to micro that + other bio, on top of them not being very mobile.

    im no expert, but it didn't feel like lowko was trying to use tactics to confront them for most of the game, but rather move in normally and still somehow win, so it only seems natural he'd be frustrated when he's being tactically countered and is slow to adapt to it, and pre-empting the constructive feedback in a childish voice doesn't make him seem smarter or more mature: if he can anticipate the feedback then either explain why you think it doesn't work or admit that you aren't good enough to execute certain things (as I do think zerg late-game can be relatively hard and there's nothing wrong with struggling with it)

    I mean, if zerg could do as he said (confront armies head-on) all the time then they would be p. broken since they're also so good at getting ahead in bases and income: there'd be no "balance" and with ultras and broods being as low micro as they are, they'd literally be an "A-move race" instead of how they are now (A-move early/mid-game and more difficult in the late-game)… and from what I've seen, being clever about where and how you trade seems to be the trademark of players like Reynor and Serral that tend to play these macro type games. trading as inefficiently as he did is in part because of his own player skill, not just ghosts and tanks being cost-efficient, even a platinum league-r can see that

    also, do ghosts counter vipers? sure, but finding the balance between getting one's abilities off and not being sniped in the process is a thing for both sides: not every interaction actually boils down to "they have 1 more range so they win every time", there are ways to get hits/abilities in besides, bait out the opponent's abilities, or punish them for overextending while trying to get them off, which Lowko knows well, and since he's up in econ he doesn't have to trade perfectly, esp. when vipers can regain energy if emp'd and can be spread out so they aren't all hit at once, but trading late-game or gas units for other late-game and/or gas units when has more gas and more minerals seems like it might work better than just letting the ghosts stay alive most of the game and get to critical mass

    plus ghosts don't have infinite energy either, tho they'll certainly get a lot if you fail to make a dent in them… so yeah, they're good, but it'd be nice to see a bit more of a "ill complain after ive done everything i could"-type approach, and it didnt feel like i saw that and was more than just a little bit of salt, and ive been seeing a lot of "zerg sucks"-type salt in general lately, so I just felt like saying something as a fan…

    edit: also, it's not about being an expert or good or such or my thoughts being "right", but i feel like as a celeb of sorts in the SC2 comm Lowko could maybe be a better role model and not both get super salty and make light of constructive feedback… he calms down after the fact and admits it's zerg bias but it's kind of a "if you realize it, why do you continue to be that way" sorta thing, ig. no one's perfect tho so w/e

  21. Tomas Repka says

    Idk why but i want to say this so badly LOWKOMOTO…..

  22. Eric Cijevschi says

    What Broodlord skin is that?! It looks absolutely amazing; like a giant manta ray or something lol

  23. Jordan Ericksen says

    He should submit this to Harstem again

  24. Wait Stop says

    Don't get salty, you played like a wet towel, it happens, bad day.

  25. Error205 says

    Wish I could harvest all that salt, then I would be set for life.

  26. César Galvão says

    Its interesting how lowko funnels into "prevent economy" and doesnt go for another front of attack, like hitting the tech from behind.

  27. Allen Fletcher says

    As Salty as Lowko got, it was still a good game

  28. Wischmopps says

    Is Milo a main coone? He looks so fluffy

  29. João Pádua says

    lurkers do out range the ghosts snipe ability

  30. Basti says

    Maybe do a video in which a progamer coaches you in ZvT I would really enjoy watching it

  31. Jack B. Slambers says

    man that was mounstrousily hard man good work there. forget the salty apology this terran was insane with the ghost you did nothing wrong

  32. CubicIronPyrite says

    Ghosts have no counter, late game for Zerg is <boo hoo> hard? Lowko, remember when Infestors could spawn Invested Terrans which could attack both air and ground, fungal growth for area effect (and prevent jump), neural parasite which could be cast at range 8 and control ANY unit including Motherships. You could create nothing but Infestors and dominate as Zerg in late game, you'd only lose if you made mistakes. At the time, Zerg late game was the most imba Starcraft had ever been since it launched in 1998, and Infestors were THE (by FAR) the most imba do-everything-well unit the game had ever seen. And at the time, you were like "Zerg late game and Infestors imba? Hmm.. I dunno… I can see why people could, perhaps, maybe…if they were a bunch of whiny Terran or Protoss bottle-feeders…have that perspective. Zerg just rock! Everyone who plays Zerg is just good!" OK, you didn't actually call them whiners, but it took you a while to admit that the incredible imba nature of Zerg was making late game predictable and boring.

  33. hideyasu musha says

    10:34 play it at X0.25 that's what happens when your hands are faster than your brain you were a bullet 🤣🤣🤣

  34. Harrison Philpot says

    Lowko microbial shroud counters ghosts, it makes them easier to see

  35. Ballistic Lizard says

    Actually, would mutas be good in this situation?

  36. Soulrise says

    Lowko no hate but the unit in starcraft which really has no counter is the viper. It's far more annoying than a ghost.

  37. Javier Naranjo says

    some nydus at 19.00 would has been nice , remember that you had movility and speed , so always divided and conquer , when you look the terran base he doesn`t evem had turrets so 2 nydus would give you access to his main and you would destroy his production,
    broodlords doesnt do anything in all your pushes , lurkers are better with nydus and siege open bases

  38. TIMMIAY says

    "Theres no counter to ghosts" proceeds to fungal and kill every ghost with banes. You wouldve won so much earlier if you didnt f2 the whole game and just left some zerglings and banes in the top left base

  39. archapmangcmg says

    I love Lowko playing vs Terran.
    Either Terran wins or Lowko wins and each of these make me happy.

  40. Rag Narok says

    So if he calls you pathetic.

    And he loses to you.

    Does that make him worse then pathetic?

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