1. J Thomas says

    As an American who lives in England, I was also surprised to find that at least the British people I know pronounce it (niche) "nitch" not "neesh".

  2. Technicolor says

    Winter going edgy yt comment section 0:00-

  3. severedbeliefs says

    I'm not sure if this has been uploaded before or I watched it live…..

  4. Jim Self says

    so basically, play toss?

  5. K3rriganZerg says

    Good game for sure. But if u gave him ur money when u were so far behind in the late game I think u would have ended it faster just saying :'v

  6. alexander milne says

    Should of just went mass muta lol

  7. Patrick Rhodes says

    Can you mine through a nydus?

  8. Marco Tang says

    How do you even give control???!?!? I'm obviously a noob at this game but I don't play 2v2 a lot

  9. Albert Norman says

    Always pronounce it 'neesh', because on rare occasions you can make a niche-y pun that references Nietzsche.

  10. coerloyal says

    Sick game Winter lol!

  11. SmokeShow2007 says

    that was sweet. gj

  12. Declan Romans says

    And here winter shows that archons, chargelot is good enough to 1v2 with swarm host tactical support

  13. ey lo says

    Winter trying so hard to look calm when he already calm

  14. Chandler Hermansen says

    man or those people who pronounce jaguar Jag-wire

  15. Apocalypse Gupta says

    how do you get the abather voice pack

  16. Danielle Spargo says

    Holy shitThat comeback was so awesome 😮

  17. Nuovoswiss says

    @16:54, winter abandoned that bottom-left archon to just sit there. It just sat there for the rest of the game.

  18. Alden Gracey says

    Whats winters stream schedule?

  19. Regunes says

    It's not british for niche, it's french prononciation (or mbe both)

  20. Generic says

    Oh god, only a minute in and Winter is making me self conscious of how I pronounce jaguar (jag-you-uh) and niche (NEE-sh)

  21. JB says

    Hard carry by Winter or hard carry by toss?

  22. Ben Park says

    Ok I have an unbeatable stray boysswarm hosts

  23. Zerg Cerebrate Wolf says

    Watching winter play is always fun to watch

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