1. Alfonso Alfredo Cancino Gomez says

    Nice bro

  2. BTrain012 says

    Epic win XD noice!

  3. xarrox123 says

    Love your content but can't watch videos where you play yourself. The music is just so stressful.

  4. Sam says

    It is nice seeing you not play those slimy zergs.

  5. SilverowlRL says

    RTS = Real Terran Strategy

  6. Drew Hanson says

    Beautiful game. Great back and forth gameplay

  7. Kaloyan Angelov says

    I don't understand the "Intense" part with the first fight in 10 min. mark. If you had made an angry coach then you'd have trolled so much xD

  8. Newlon says

    Map looks like you're playing on someone's hard-wood floors lmaooo

  9. Oscar Vonda says

    I opened his stream when he was clapping after this match and Idk what happened and did not care but this vid gave me answer oh he is such a god.

  10. ADC Yuumi says

    That little micro play at 13:04 made my night.

  11. Woo sa says

    you know it's a satisfying win when you have to clap and then straighten out your jacket.

  12. attylla says

    scan counter scan

  13. SNOW CAMO says

    interesting……he showed some emotion at the end with that win. He's usually so sure of himself and calm, I was taken aback lol.

  14. Eldi Munggaran says

    Is it just me or Winter face is like Stephen Chow 😀

  15. Rooshi Shah says

    GG! Seemed like a pretty tough game, grats on the well thought through win.

  16. madmotorcyclist says

    You play pretty passive. Lucky for you he was just as passive.

  17. MrAdonis258 says

    11:32 give me boner

  18. Noah Symynkywicz says

    Crazy good game! Alot of fun to watch

  19. Gitalien1 says

    Actually the unlucky scan from red at 11:17 made the game. Winter's army was literally all around the scan circle, red didn't see anything, and got caught unsieged.A rare episode of "luck" in sc2.

  20. sharkopolos says

    First dislike 😀

  21. Calvin Abbasi says

    Which remix of just be good to me is that?

  22. ChikoWhat says

    11:25 wow that 3 way surround, awesome!

  23. ZlyCzarodziejRumburak says

    Music was so annoying

  24. BioBaitos says

    I got his reapers for free, but it cost me my mule

  25. stanislavmigra says

    sick game

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