StarCraft 2: LURKER & VIPER WARS! (Zerg Live Game)


StarCraft 2 live game of Zerg versus Zerg. In this match of ZvZ I open up with Muta Ling Bane and transition towards Hydra Lurker Viper. My opponent, playing more defensively, does not spend the resources on Mutas and many Zerglings but is unable to expand easily because of lack of mapcontrol. A fun match of SC2 with a little bit of commentary.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. tim finnegan says

    The Legend of Lowko.

  2. Iéslei F. says

    Well played, Lowko!!!!

  3. Andrés De la Oliva Guzmán says

    Newbie question: how does he know how many workers he has? Does he count them at each hatchery tooltip? Is there a button to check?

  4. martin leske says

    how do you change so fast between different hives?

  5. eastsidahboy says

    Lowko ZVZ is the most boring game ever, even your sons will realize it in the first baneling explodes

  6. Killmer says

    100 year sub streak, lol

  7. Lance Lindle Lee says

    In ZvZ, would you always want to kill their creep tumors? Creep is shared anyway right?

  8. typelogin says

    were u running 5 or 6 vipers? how did u come up with that number?

  9. Raymond Chambers says

    Hey Lowko WoW has a new expansion are you going to play it and stream like you did Legion that was excellent by the way?

  10. bagalas87 says

    If Lowko would say "good" twice in a row he could be the next emperor.

  11. Joe Parker says

    Time to rename your other account Ursadonk, in memory of all the fallen critters. /salute

  12. Dan Gardiner says

    Really enjoyable game to watch. Keep up the good work! 😀

  13. Thraex says

    you should go back to frostpunk, and try Frostpunk: Last Autumn

  14. Marcin P says

    lowko have his bodyparts switched to artificial and keep lowko blindnes and lowko lack ability to do math live 😀 win/win/win

  15. TheCallofDoobie says

    Hes the best sc2 goto……how do people play like this? I can't do ladder…this scares me lol

  16. Now What says

    Heyyy Lowko, are you loco?

  17. Michal Nyklíček says


  18. E. Maminta says

    Homework: noLowkoTV: YES!

  19. Pringles Pop says

    Where should you keep your overlords?

  20. Pringles Pop says

    Was that an all army hot key in the beginning if the game!

  21. Tim Baleno says

    If my kids aren't watching your stream, then I have failed as a father.

  22. elijah peck says

    A mostly clean game… Right up until the tech evened out at Hydra/lurker/viper. Even still, he didn't seem as concerned with your vipers as he was the lurkers. Big mistake by him

  23. 1un4cy says

    Imagine making a forward hatchery behind your army just to feed energy to the vipers.

  24. August Louie says

    that was awesome like watching and was a good game i do hope to see for fun a free for all would be cool with like others to see who the last one standing would be cool and would watch you if you find one i been playing trying to practice playing the game before joining the tournament i am getting kinda better but not as good as you guys. you guys are like war gods meaning all the good players not just one and love watching how a good match goes and do hope to see more

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