A fun match of Zerg versus Zerg in StarCraft 2. This is a game that I played recently during my Twitch livestream. While Zerg versus Zerg can be rather plain, there are games where it seems like everything can happen. In this match I decide to go up to Mutalisks after defending a Zergling rush rather poorly. My opponent decides to go for Roaches and Hydralisks. Since all units have very low hitpoints and high damage output, the game quickly flips in favour of one of the players and comebacks are possible. Because of the tech choice of my opponent, I get several huge Baneling connects.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Jacob Garrett says

    sin pijama

  2. Winters says

    That's some beep

  3. Moshthun says

    Soft, bit dramatic music in the background
    "Brenda where are you? Brenda, come back!"

    Damn Lowko, why you gotta give us the feels like that. We all have that Brenda, we all want that Brenda to come back. Friggin' Brenda.. </3

  4. znxster says

    This content is approved by OVs, Pokey Boys, and Brenda's

  5. Toasted Head says

    mucho blue drones on break after the swoop in the main. For the remaining of the game. What a bunch of slackers.

  6. KurohiGe do Skate says

    How can i add u on starcraft2? Salutes from Brazil 🤙🙌🏼✨

  7. Graeme Stanley says

    Lowko what is a good beginner Zerg strategy/build order because I never know what to build whenever I play Zerg

  8. John Morley says

    Nice chill playlist Lowko, I like it. Got a link or name of the artist(s)?

  9. guilherme feitoza says

    I love playing Melee vs Ranged Zerg, it's pretty cool and It feels like 2 different races

  10. juztin a says

    3 leg…? serral also has 3 leg eh… hes a guy

  11. bsedhs says

    Can we not bleep swears? It hurts my ears and I'd just rather hear "shit"… at the very least turn them down and make them less annoying? There was only a couple, but they are incredibly annoying.

  12. Hector S.S. says

    Dude you should really cast Special vs Cure TvT from the Teamliquid Starleague Season 5! (on eternal empire)
    It's crazy!

  13. cdcdcd6777 says

    no gg cause u won salty salty salkow

  14. Vinodkumar GB says

    Ah half the time I thought you lost!! Well played at the end branda 😉 I meant Lowko ♥

  15. Candyman3466 says

    I mean lowko and serral you know that basically the same name if you just change like 6 letters so….. XD

  16. ReyesPiano says

    Funny, saying "where are your tumors now, b*tch" would have no sense outside Starcraft.

  17. Mr. Brownstone says

    wow awesome movie 🙂

  18. None of Your Business says

    I would've GG'ed out after that last time you lost your main base.
    Your resolve is greater than mine! Go forth and conquer! 😀

  19. David Kim says

    Great game man

  20. Nevict says

    Maybe you could have been the one producing lurkers in this game. They would have made wonders against his army.

  21. Nevict says

    This game was like watching 2 ant nests trying to out-swarm eachother.

  22. Hank Ankeny says

    I've watched a ton of Lowko without ever touching Starcraft. I just installed it, are there any good ways to learn how to play?

  23. Suchodej Jecmen says

    Hi Lowko! I'm curious about two things. Why are destroying your enemys creep if you're playing ZvZ? Don't you benefit from it as well? I mean yeah he's got the vision, but all things considered, if you meet in the middle of the map with the creep its win/win. I see this all the time on the latter and don't get it. And second, you've had Mutas out but attacked his main like once, was that on purpose?

  24. AussieBlokeGordo says

    Hey Lowko I'd love to see you either play against or do a dual commentary with Harstem. Is there any chance of either of those things happening?

  25. jm barbato says

    Hay lowko should try c&c because its fun

  26. eric planting says

    lol…. you know he had no overseer following his forces around the entire game, 4 burrowed banes would have ended his army

  27. Meta says

    "rush your tumors now "nice person""

  28. Red Pill Pusher says

    "Just wanted you guys to know that I'm basically Serral"

    Lmao you're good but not that good, mate

  29. Troy Dield says

    Lowko's opponent did really well until he forgot to expand and then ran out of resources. Lowko just outlasted him.

  30. Jeremy Gardner says

    I had the same problem twice today. My opponent stayed in the game way beyond any chance for him to win. It was quite annoying.

  31. phung lung says

    Lowko you have 3 legs ?

    where is the third ?

  32. BigKevSexyMan says

    Hey, why couldn't the drone stay home during quarantine?

    Because they're essential workers.

  33. Andres Florez says

    i have found that making the vipers and 2 bombs and rip the most of the mutas, not everyone can separate those.

  34. Mike Ballew says

    "Where's your tumors now, Brenda??"

  35. Brilliant Arrow says

    So i don’t keep up with the starcraft metas, but when did spreading creep in ZvZ become a thing? I figured no one did it before bc/ it would benefit your opponent as much as you, so what changed? Does your creep no longer affect your opponent?

  36. Who Who says

    Ohh my god, Lowko. You sick freak!

  37. storm says

    Wow, that was really entertaining lowko GG.

  38. Inbal Feuchtwanger says

    If his opponent just micros a little bit better against that first round of balings he wins the game right there.

  39. Miles Scheetz says

    What is this build order/where can I find a step-by-step?

  40. Arjun Gupta says


  41. Janus Kobain says

    I need you baneling nest, your spawning pool and your peace of mind!

  42. CtrlAltRetreat says

    Lol, lowko 2020 starting the stream with a third leg joke.

  43. Dominic Thwaite says

    yeah sick game here!

  44. DatDeaf Dude says


  45. Ferdinand Magellan says

    Is this the same GLADIATOR from one of Winter's BLHs video???

  46. kyle sky says

    @Lowko Thanks for your awesome videos! Haven't played since season 1. Started again on the 10th and got placed into gold 1. Thank you for your informational videos, keep up the good work. #GLHF
    #looking for friends and a zerg coach 🙂

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