Livestream highlight of a reddit thread and a game of StarCraft 2. In this video I read a thread on /r/relationshipadvice and play a solid game of Zerg versus Zerg. In this match I decide to go for Roaches, my opponent focuses on Mutalisks. Because of this I need to play very defensively as I tech up to Vipers, Hydralisks and Lurkers.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. TheCriiss180 says

    can you upload more of these? uwu i learn more seeing you play than serral or other korean

  2. Bug Man says

    cats should become a own sc2 race…

  3. The Doctor says

    WinterSC uses your voice commentary..why don’t you use he’s??

  4. LetsPlayStarcraft says

    after this reddit post I take my little 14 weeks old kitten and cuddle him <3 cats are amazing

  5. jeong woo hyun says

    plants are also living and if cats dont eat meat they die cause they cant digest plant or get energy from the sun. i dont mind someone being vegan but you cant just say dont eat meat.

  6. PillBox20 says

    Oh, mah… the game you play is so intense, but with such a calm music… I love it! 😀

  7. Rhons Liner says

    you should post more live game, sometimes even small funny things are appreciated i love this video(especially for people who most of the time missed your stream because they're quite literally the opposite side of the world…. like me..)

  8. ZirJo says

    Good game by the way!! I collapse when trying to burrow and unburrow my lorkers properly!

  9. Mshojat says

    moving out with roaches without +1 attack or burrow (against zergling muta) is a baad idea man.Also I feel like hydra roach infestor is a better choice when they're not getting hydras and/or roaches themselves (or at least hydra roach viper), and don't have brood lords out yet. (although hydras and roach can still do somewhat decent against brood lords as long as it's not from a cliff)One fungal on those mutas can make them stew for the hydras, particularly if a bomb was used to distract him even more.

  10. ZirJo says

    GEEEEEE That girl =S I'm a vegetarian myself and I'm opposed to animal cruelty. BUT GEEE, these vegans make me feel embarrassed… they become ZEALOTS of some absurd and extreme principles and say nonsense like that or wanting the cat to become vegetarian! You can maybe talk about it ONLY IF someone has a sincere al real interest in your diet motives. But I can't stand this kind of nonsense ane people trying to impose their views on the world.

  11. Mshojat says

    Did you know protoss don't eat anything? They get their energy from photosynthesis.

  12. Phil says

    take it with a huuuuuuge grain of saltso… a boulder of salt?

  13. Arno Crabbe says

    God, I need to buy myself a slapchop

  14. Kyle Jonathan Lao says

    What's the background music for this stream? @LowkoTV

  15. Stepan Vorotylo says

    I eat a vegan diet, but couldn't care less about what people (and cats) around me eat.

  16. Rose Flu says

    Damn that banelings shred his hydralisk as if nothing happen

  17. Drew Walbeck says

    Tacit is pronounced "tasit"

  18. Sgt_Lexington says

    Maybe microbial shroud vs mass muta?

  19. Mussab Al-Darhoubi says

    Lowko you can't keep playin Zerg they keep eating flesh. Would you be okay if it was Terran flesh? Oh okay then keep going.

  20. Red says

    I wanted to see two infesters, used a overlord as bait, Could have killed all the mutas and all he could have made are lings. Game could have been half as long.

  21. x10mark2 says

    without cats to keep the vermin population in control the world would be overrun under real life version of the vermintide. predators serve a vital part of the ecosystem without them the world would be a hellscape of rats mice and other vermin until they ate almost every source of food and their population collapsed leaving the earth practically as devastated as the KT event if not worse. veganism is also very self contradictory since if you believe in the equality of all life then cow is one of the most humain sources of food since far more sapient creatures die per acre of plant based protein as compared to meat based (field mice sparrows ect for plants) and if you believe that for instance a cow is more worthy than a field mouse then it stands to reason that a human is more worthy than a cow and since humans are apex predators we ought not to be artificially restricted in our diet and so it is fine for us to eat meat (this argument could be mitigated by religion but for most religions eating meat is fully acceptable) in summery there is no main stream theological or logical reason for veganism and it actually does more harm then good to the animals it claims to protect.

  22. Daethalion says

    Remember when ordinary vegetarians were the most obnoxious of those who have dietary restrictions?I miss those days.

  23. Saddutchman says

    This guy totally missed the advice "Never stick your reproductive organ in crazy"…Every country in the world should make a law that forbids adding vitamin B12 to anything, that should take care of the problem.

  24. miniZergling says

    That vegan girlfriend is what a terrorist is to a muslim. An extremist.Soo by her standards if the cat eats meat it should be put down so it stops eating meat.And anyone who eats meat should receive the capital punishment to prevent further killing of living beings.Don't mind me, just enjoying this Karadjordjeva while watching the vid.

  25. Sweet Lemon says

    recently i was thinking out of no where instead of saying spawning to all 3 factions why not?spawning for zergwarping for protessinvading/defending for terran(i have no idea why did i think of that).

  26. Spoopy D. says

    "Your existence offends me"-That girl towards Mittens.

  27. Dominus says

    I'm carnivore (ex-vegan) 🙂

  28. Jonny Boy says

    Is it just me or is there a max sucking number? It appeared that the vipers did not all suck

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