StarCraft 2: THE SWARM HOST DREAM! (Live Game)


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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. Mad Fox says

    pipe dream he gave to you

  2. Sam Clayton says

    lesson i've learned from watching this video and the entire ESL: build more queens.

  3. Joseph Rentas says

    Insert your : Zerg IMBA comments here 👆🏾

  4. cdcdcd6777 says

    yeah, with right timing i find SH also strong. now…. will we see a nerf again?

  5. Marcin P says

    16:50 lowko dooing victyory dance – its train dance.. kids do that 😀

  6. GinErik says

    So, there was an old SC1 start for Terran to fly their buildings over their army to protect clicks on certain units…. but I have not seen that much or if at all anymore… why is that?

  7. FractalPrism says

    -when you see he has banshee but dont make a spore near each gas, you end up losing more in drones + queens + lost mining than simply paying for 2 more spores. this happens early and in the mid game.-when you take drones off mining and then send them to mine the opposite resource, if they have a resource already [eg: drone is holding gas, but you send it to minerals], you lose that gas. To prevent that loss after you send that drone to mine minerals you can hit the hotkey C to Return [C]argo, it will then go to where you sent it to mine.

  8. N0tL0c4 says

    Wow. Lowko how dare . Zerg is so imba just make swarm hosts and win with free units. Not like the Terran was able to get ahead of you economically from just 2 workers with a bunch of mules that only cost energy or anything. I mean they obviously lost and it's obviously not because they made any mistakes or were any less skillful at mid-game against your composition.(This was meant to be a joke, but I've never actually been to the SC2 forums so I don't know how to complain properly. Did I do alright?)

  9. StaRLorD360XY says

    Why does it feel like when I watch low quality graphics look like the 1.6 counter strike?

  10. Kkirlin07 says

    I heard that cats are nocturnal animals so can u let ur cat stream when u sleep plz?

  11. bomt697 says

    Very entertaining game, lots of back and forth

  12. Triple Ajax says

    It’s been a while, missed this dude.

  13. Wrothbows Y says

    I love the skin on the ravengers

  14. Warface2k says

    Why do you play on Potato Grafics?

  15. Michael says

    Lowko, you are gorgeous. <3

  16. bbest0 says

    If I could be as happy once a day as Lowko was when he won this game, then it was a very good day indeed.

  17. Paul Ast says

    I feel the same when I face Terran, I'm holding off their what seems 2 base push and pressure, barely hanging in there, and all of a sudden I scout and they are getting their 4th command center while I am still sitting on 2 bases.

  18. Michal Vodicka says

    Lowko, how could that nasty terran recover from 3 SCVs? Terrans are OP, we need to talk!

  19. Ian MacInnis says

    I haven't played in years, but that type of drop play he was doing pushes some very special buttons for me. I don't think it's unfair or imbalanced, I just look at that and every fiber of my being is yellow "HOLD STILL AND FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN YOU COWARD!!!" haha

  20. Shazbot277 says

    What is your avg. apm?

  21. Marinauder says

    Am I crazy, or terran had blue flame at the start and lost it later? hello?

  22. juztin a says

    aww lowko is attached now… can we see yr girlfriend ?

  23. Vergil says

    Like this terran gameplay and cool game!

  24. Adriano Adriano says

    You know u can make quens when they die right?

  25. trevor reynolds says

    couldnt finish video too many comercials

  26. Jay Maillot says

    that's one happy lowko lol

  27. Donald Bond says

    Idk if it would work. But you might be able to use swarm hosts dps to target down Terran production buildings. Especially if they expand away from you with the third base and that side of the main is relatively exposed

  28. Maximiliano Fiorilli says

    Im a simple man, i see swarm host, i watch and like, even didnt forget to smash the suscribe button and already smiled. See you in the next one!

  29. Jherveen Mamaril says


  30. Jose Antonino Ngo says

    Why on a reduced graphic?

  31. Sir Wally says

    If possible can you review and comment why he Tapped out. Those Swarm hosts run bys might of made him tap but just wanted to make sure.

  32. Susan says

    I am glad "Checkmate atheists" has made it into the general public's vocabulary.

  33. Fernando Reyes says

    Yooooo this was such a killer game!!! Nailed it!

  34. Treksh Marwaha says

    Thanks for the episode~

  35. BigKevSexyMan says

    The graphics are so low quality that I thought you were playing wc3 reforged again

  36. Pringles Pop says

    Hi Lowko

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