Starcraft 2 Zerg Theme Music Part 2


These are 2 out of 6 zerg themes from the Starcraft 2 Beta.
Theme 01 @ 0:00
Theme 03 @ 1:39

The other theme tracks:
Terran Part 1:
Terran Part 2:
Zerg Part 3:
Protoss Part 1:
Protoss Part 2:
Protoss Part 3:
Protoss Part 4:
Menu Part 1:
Menu Part 2:
Menu Part 3:
Patch 16:

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  1. Kaijuhub says

    When I see these pictures of the Zerg from SC2 I am genuinely terrified by them. It looks like these things came from Hell.But when I see them in the game i'm like…who invited the slimy purple spore bugs?

  2. jeno paragas says

    It's like a Zombie Theme.

  3. soviethammer says

    An invasion from aliens like the zerg would be the best thing to happen to the human race. For once we would stop fighting amongst ourselves and unite to face a common enemy.

  4. Shang Tsung says

    Overmind:I approve

  5. GloaBlade says

    I want the zergling that acts and looks like Carbot animations's (aka the creator of the Starcrafts animated series)

  6. wwwggxcom says

    Then you find out it was just a bait; the forces you've destroyed were just a tiny fraction meant to lure you on the surface. Now the vast, overwhelming main forces emerge from underground and begin sending your troops to the Khala, ripping, tearing, gnashing, infesting, mind-controlling your puny little protoss. F*ck yeah !

  7. jcjs95 says

    awesome song

  8. Javidralisco says

    2:13 best part!!! i love it!!

  9. Amarcanthe says

    Then you imagine you're a Protoss and you burn 'em all with your laser, and then you send the carriers to erase any kind of life. F*ck yeah.

  10. ghostbirdofprey says

    Have yourself checked for Zerg spores.
    preferably with a firebat in the room.

  11. Leftover Sundriez Man says

    I believe it's actually a corruptor. I didn't recognize it instantly either because of the odd camera angle.

  12. Baleur says

    I'm trapped on the Charr. I see nothing but ash, magma and a convulsing slithering organic mass of biological perfection in ruthlessness as far as the horizon stretches. There's no way home, and I'm terrified out of my fucking mind, sobbing like a baby.

    Whoever composed these themes is a genious, a genious with the likes of Mozart and Bach. Music is about the feeling it generates within you, comfortable or uncomfortable. The power of it dictates the genious behind it.

  13. KiPe_Rosvolainen says

    I don't need. My apartment is full of roaches. They seem to have +2 armor and some seem to have evolved burrow even.

  14. vrb says

    i just fcking hached an zerg egg!!!

  15. ArthasTheCoward says

    I want a zerg pet for Chrismas this year.

  16. Nick Dillon says

    I think it's a shiny corruptor!
    Quick, catch it!

  17. Monsterdesdinges says

    I just laughed like 10 minutes straight.

  18. Amaroq64 says

    It's a corruptor.

  19. madness0089 says

    If the zerg ever invade I'm killing myself straight away, there's no way I'm getting infested!!

  20. Robi says

    we need more mineralzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz <3

  21. Omar Melgarejo says

    ¡¡Slaves of the Swaaaaaarm!!

  22. Spencer Reynolds-East says

    now I know why lings can dance

  23. Static Drifter says

    @mutalingbling It probably 'sees' through another sensory input like echo-location or feelers or even some sort of psychic aura. (I'm betting on the last one)

  24. Jelly Power says

    The corruptor is moving

  25. Amos feratus says

    @StormZephyr they are more like bees
    this game induced me to build a bee hive lol
    i have my real zerg swarm

  26. HiperkillerBR says

    2 guys prefere Jim raynor :

  27. CRAZYPADDY2008 says

    2:40 that bit onwards sounds intense sends a shiver done you spine when your playing ^^ always loved the music of blizzard games^^

  28. kaarnus75 says

    These themes are so perfect. Put yourself into the Starcraft universe for a second. Now imagine you're part of the zerg. You feel badass, so badass that you could crush anything in your way. Now imagine you're terran. You feel so small and insignificant and powerless against such forces. When I think this way, even when I've heard this song about a million times, it still gives me the chills and I can't wait to play it for a million and first time.

  29. Peter Lindqvist says


  30. Kiiro Infactoid says

    ur a spineless coward flippy! shadowloo sengan. blast.

  31. Kiiro Infactoid says

    @therealrealbraindead psychokameha… real flippy dies. regrets his comments in afterlife.

  32. Kiiro Infactoid says

    @TheRealRealFlippy teleportation jutsu!! *after one minute, zergrush. man ur marines were killed!! care to surrender, or summon crucio tanks????*

  33. Kiiro Infactoid says

    @Therealrealflippy u know she can summon an army of zerg, even though she's de-infested you know… she's still a ghost operative… without the restraining mental conditioning (now that's buffed Armageddon), but u must be glad im not telling her, but if i shift planes and tell her… betr run for ur life.

  34. Kiiro Infactoid says

    @AiteFiripin or just the non-dark templars

  35. Kiiro Infactoid says

    @TheRealRealFlippy U call that cute girl a pest!? she just has rastafarian hair! she just looks like protoss. The toss who held the khalis crystals that is. study the lore.

  36. Dzugoslav says

    @AiteFiripin Maybe no just the hair but… well ask Raynor 🙂

  37. swordysan 01 says

    Corruptor looks so juicy.

  38. Kiiro Infactoid says

    take me to kerrigan, terran. she missed her massage.

    De-infested? and the only zerg thingy left is her hair? maybe i can do something with it…(scheming)

  39. Cyberspine says

    The only cure is fire, and lots of it.

  40. Azure Templar says

    … whereas the part from 01:47 onward is like the eerie and scary silence which follows after the world has been devoured and defiled by the cicadas. Then, at 02:15 you see in the distance something so sick you can't even imagine. All of sudden it's gone, 02:37, and at 02:45 a new threat appears from the skies – Behemoths carrying brood lords, corruptors and mutalisks beyond reasonable count, unleashing them all upon the chewed and torn world.

  41. d doe says

    lol crepy interlude just like sc1. nice. Thanks bliizard. 😀

  42. ap hex says

    it is so awsome listening to this without constantly hearing "PAWN MOR POWERLORDS"

  43. Kyle Julé says

    I want the Zerg to infest Justim Bieber's house. This music is too rad!

  44. callebo says

    00:27 is epic shit

  45. crishix says

    2:16 = nerdgasm

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