1. 가즈아 says

    무탈 뭉치기는 아지 못배웠구만

  2. Berrymouse says

    Why doesn't the Terran build any turrets after being harassed by mutas for 2 minutes straight.

  3. 전함2연장 포탑 says

    fuking mutals

  4. krucafuks123 says

    mutalisk – only reason i hate starcraft

  5. Jakob Tak says

    those mutals are acting indivisually hly shit

  6. Snowflake Pillow says

    I'm more impressed the Terran lasted that long with the superhuman repair micro than by Cal Zerg. Analysts/commentators/pros have long intuited that with superhuman APM Zerg would be the most powerful race and mass Mutalisk would be the optimal strategy.

  7. 민숭 says

    These players are poor… they are even poorer than the average of Non-professional Korean players. I doubt how awful this competition is

  8. vie_vie_vie says

    무슨 apm이 2000 이야;;;

  9. Death2NewGods says

    That Terran needed a Science Vessel, Valkyrie, or Marine+Medic ball BADLY. XD

  10. Death2NewGods says

    I'm utterly impressed that the Overmind AI performed that Mutalisk harass, secured a third, and started a fourth. That was mind-bogglingly cool, and my sincere congratulations are in order for the individual or team that created it.

    Having played about three months of BW, I can assure you that the Overmind AI would tear me a new one 🙂 WELL DONE!

  11. araym7 says


  12. Cyllid says

    @chickensesame It's not like this match/AI are run on circa starcraft release computers…. this was like only a couple of years ago.

    Maybe a super-high end personal computer, but not your average joe personal computer.

  13. chickensesame says

    @KarclanSlarner that may be true for a human, but not a computer. Besides, I wouldn't be surprised if modern (personal) computers could manage APM in the thousands in broodwar.

  14. Karclan says

    @zugurudumba there comes a point where so much apm comes useless and a bad thing. anything about 360 ish is bad

  15. TheLittleLilky says

    @zugurudumba actually, julyzerg hit 880 apm once during a tournament

  16. Laggy2000 says

    @zugurudumba Julyzerg had 818 APM, or atleast that what the fact sheet said on one of the OSLs

  17. Taranok7 says

    i think krasi0 was not very adaptive, overmind went a lot of mutas and krasi0 build vultures

  18. Shnk says

    @koffiegast It does seem to be a bit adaptive. My friend recently wrote his own AI to take it on and found that if he hit it hard with zealots at the beginning it produced way more lings than he expected in response.

  19. DiscoChinchilla says

    …time. Overall, I wouldn't technically say that it won due to being "smart", rather it won due to its high apm. I mean it does make some smart decisions, but the fact that it relied almost exclusively on mutas to engage in combat, shows that its not very tactical. If the rules of the tournament were modified, so that the AI would be forced to not exceed a certain apm (say 300 since that's the best most professional human players can do) then I don't think Overmind would win.

  20. DiscoChinchilla says

    Overmind's overall strategy is somewhat simple. Basically it attempts to tech up to mutas as fast as possible. It gets some lings and sunken colonies to protect its base from early pushes (depending on how large the push is it modifies the amount of lings/sunken colonies it gets). Then once it gets mutas it constantly harasses and expands until it wins. Due to the fact that it has an absurdly high apm it can effectively engage in combat (losing very few units) and macro amazingly at the same…

  21. zugurudumba says

    I remember they mentioned in the Ars Technica article that this AI can do ~800 APM, versus 250-300 APM the best human players in the world can do. 800 APM and a group of mutalisks can utterly destroy anything.

  22. Ryan Wall says

    Just remember guys, all you need is 16,000 APM to micro like this!

  23. xFacelessx says

    i know nothing about starcraft.. but i know that the berkeley ai totally raped the other AI

  24. BisuDagger says

    Holy muta!

  25. gerrrz says

    i have downloaded the ai from the site but how can i use it?

  26. odins1337 says

    computer muta micro is crazy good

  27. JackDragoon says

    could you not have it fking fastest 2x? it's annoying

  28. mercenary90 says

    Holy crap, unstoppable Mutas.

  29. fok says

    @UCSCbweber I see, I programmed my bot to be adaptive and make lurkers in that situation, but unfortunately it turned out to be really unstable. Are you planning on making a next competition? Because I certainly will be part of it.

  30. UCSCbweber says

    @koffiegast You'd have to ask Berkeley, but it seems that it does add more or less sunkens/lings in response to an aggressive opponent. Based on what I saw it was able to get mutalisks out without too much trouble, but against a human player with a decent medic-marine timing push it will fail.

  31. fok says

    Is Overmind adaptive at all? The only thing that might be somewhat adaptive, were those sunken colonies it made in response to the enemy. But im not sure. Do they ever make hydras instead or?

  32. Pygon says

    Really great but enemy analysis would be the crucial point: 10 min muta attacks and no reaction? only the same build order 🙁

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