StarCraft II – 10th Anniversary Game Updates


Ten years of base races, marine splits, cannon rushes, and baneling busts. Ten years of galaxy-stretching adventures with Kerrigan, Zeratul, Jim Raynor, and Artanis. Ten years of player-created tower defense maps, MOBAs, campaigns, and competitive ladder maps.

For the past 10 years, we’ve seen StarCraft II evolve, both as a game and a community, and now it’s time to celebrate. To commemorate this decade of comradery in the Koprulu Sector, we’re introducing some player-requested features to the game, along with a few extras we hope you’ll enjoy!

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  1. M7 Productions says

    So sad to say goodbye to the hopes of a fresh new StarCraft game. Been a fan /player since 98 man good times old school lan parties to massive 1G connection MMO. Yeah gonna miss it

  2. zerg rush says

    Now it's the time they got to make another Starcraft and an FPS shooter Starcraft alongside it

  3. Antonio Espinoza says

    Zerg roars

  4. Slevin Laine says

    White-Ra!!!!! <3

  5. Lil Riv says

    SC I and SC II forever X)

  6. nfc14g says

    The game looks amazing in this vid! Shame I have to run it in a low res window on my 3440 x 1440, 34" monitor. The only game I have tried from the last 10 years to be this way. And FTP is the solution for broad appeal? Game is a uckers

  7. Habib Khan says

    You've not enough minerals.

  8. Forgettable says

    Blizzard if you're reading comments, could you make it so Drone's stay in a selection group after they start to mutate into buildings? It would be a huge help. Thanks for making such an amazing game!

  9. Flatt3r says

    Goliath Online

  10. yovani canelas moreno says

    full HD diablos

  11. Deathly IT says

    I hate that I have to level 1-15 again with prestige.

  12. Tigeryok says

    come and visit my you tube to see 4v4 ladder

  13. RART0655 says

    your game is trash and so is your company

  14. Roy Miller says

    So ….when will we get a StarCraft movie~~~~~~

  15. Hordeforlife says

    Sad to admit it, but this game's main mode (1v1) died years ago. Pros leaked out to LoL, DotA, Hearthstone and other games, ordinary players lost interest and over time the game lost its playerbase, switching focus instead to custom games and coop. This was around 2014-2015. The horse is long dead now.

  16. Sam Di Pietro says

    starcraft 2 10th anniversary, Great! I would say 22th anniversary according SC1, it was a good time…..

  17. Semîramis UBW says

    Ah. So now we know where the WC3 Refunded custom campaigns went!

  18. MusicOrGetMugged says

    10 years later and still wishing the game look good like the cinematic

  19. FriendNK Nuttapat says

    Wol Campaign The Moebius Factor has some bug because I will get Contracts Saviors the new achievement with it’s condition for 3 times but I didn’t. Hope you will fix it. Sorry for my English.

  20. imba fox says

    white ra right as always )

  21. Nyctophile says


  22. arch t0r11 says

    0:20 err wut?

  23. BadMan's Pyjama says

    didn't SC WoL came out 2009? and even i like SC i hope to see a cool SC heroe for Heroes of the Storm with that anniversary! 🙂

  24. Gina Barral says

    Nice update… but I wan't my terran predator

  25. Gibus says

    Okay but Niadra Bonus Campaign when?

  26. Drachenfurie says

    Im happy for Starcraft fans. But after the massacre that Warcraft 3 Reforged did to a fully functioning 18 year old game, blizzard is dead to me. They killed not only Heroes of the Storm but also Warcraft 3.

  27. November Terra says

    Happy Anniversary SCII!

  28. H T says

    Anyone have that problem when they create an offline game against computers and the game finishes automatically after the 3 second countdown???

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