1. Elias D says

    I laughed so hard the first time I went to research stim packs. They out it in the game lol

  2. Bradly Brad says

    Listening to this in 2020. Cries

  3. 김하민 says

    ㅓㅜㅑ ㅋㅋㅋ

  4. Gamefreq184 says

    I was sorting through my favorites and saw this rewatched the animation and I did not realize it was from so long ago. I remember when this was first released.

  5. Mattia Longhin says

    I want this playing when im researching stimpacks

  6. aporhtonoma says

    btw i love the changeling dancing with the others

  7. Dark Pumpkin says

    well the music ads well to the drugs

  8. manuel lai says

    jajajajaja lol

  9. Random Zergling says

    Is the marine doing gangnam style anybody else's favorite?

  10. Desmond Clemens says

    this is the best song + animation ever

  11. Bean Boi says

    Hardest Vibes I have had in a while

  12. Mr. Zerg says

    Мимикрид спрятался =)

  13. Nik120 says

    Когда с корешами помогаешь деду варить самогон

  14. Grant Kids says

    I love this series i am addicted I want to meet him so much

  15. Koreper's Studio says

    I love this song♥

  16. Rokkan says

    2020 Medics researching a cure for the Coronavirus Pandemia

  17. Dillon B. says

    Most of their doctorates are in dancing.

  18. Айбын Алибаев says

    Е крута

  19. Herohannah Sabarre says

    Anyone notice the monster who disguise like Marine but he's dancing


    Science be like:

  21. Petr Maťko says

    Can you please give this an epileptic warning?Imo the lights are really flashing fast (letters)

  22. yaze227 says


  23. A P says

    I love that zerg marine hiding in the dance xd


    I wouldn't be surprised if someone played this on a StarCraft anniversary.

  25. Wan Muaz Hurayth SC2-CODM-SWB2 says

    research complete (music stop) everyone: KEEP RESEARCH!! we like the music!!

  26. Sgtnolisten says

    glances at the protoss dance party

  27. Jun Lee says

    Anyone out there still listening?

  28. Alester Wick the Last Consumer says

    this is how that stupid on the right just do the open gangbang style.

  29. Mittens FastPaw says

    Still wonderful!

  30. Sen Kio says


  31. Flame 28 says

    Best dancer award goes to the changeling.

  32. Leo Unknown says

    Try listening to this at 1.25x speed

  33. ivan chiroque says


  34. Sahipkıran says


  35. ericson andre says


  36. Eras Alams says

    Aeverybody would prefer to stay in lab than actally play game xDD

  37. RMJ1984 says

    Terrans is a pretty messed up race….. damn….

  38. David Teh says

    Is a party every upgrade.

  39. Juan Frate says

    This makes me so happy

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