Stay positive ( A COVID-19 story ) ⚠️?? | The sims freeplay | sim tales by Ab.


Stay positive ⚠️??

The sims freeplay covid-19 short motivational story.

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  1. Ano Nymous says

    I think 'stay positive' is not a good advice to say during corona??? if you know the joke and what i mean

  2. xloudcxokiie says

    Stay I ment

  3. xloudcxokiie says

    I hope you don't get sick and this is a good story and say safe everyone

  4. Omafo Christabel says

    Stay safe we don't want any pepole to be gone all time if you want to go out then wear a mask thank you?and good video very intresting?

  5. The simmer Freeplay says

    Stay safe and the story was interesting good ending ☺️

  6. Exotic Gamer says

    Stay safe? and nice video!?

  7. Asa Videos says

    Good ending!

  8. Jollibee Mcdo says

    Stay safe and I love the quality of ur vids!

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