1. Thomas Black says

    These guys are so talented, hats off to all the people who are dedicated to making such great costumes and gadgets. Wish I could make all of that stuff

  2. Nonmi Hiseddeo says

    My thing is to take a piece of clothing, in this case it would be steampunk, and work it into my everyday wardrobe. I don't want it to look costume-y. I want to look a bit nontraditional but still well put together and chic. By adding an element or two of a genre of clothing to what I'm wearing already, I can achieve my fashion goals. It does take thought and planning, but I enjoy the compliments and double-takes.

  3. Era Productions says

    well i'm deffo not a steam punk. what i have planned is very ancient, very future ancient, snowboard hippy boho ancient future dr ok not so much dr strange from kathmandu more like dr or mr odd ball from catmandon't lol

  4. Victor Garcia says

    share YT VIDS of SteamPunk on my FBPage I ADmin on please check like and support the movement! lolhttps://www.facebook.com/StarWarsSteampunksRealm

  5. Galliant Games says

    Everyone can buy costumes, and they aren't half as special as making them at home. Even if you add personal touches to already made costumes, you can have something truly unique. #steampunkdiy 

  6. mrscheekybynature says

    Steam punk…goggles on bowler hats

  7. Dessy Mari says

    The Abney Park song in the beginning is "The Wrong Side", for those who are wondering = )

  8. Christopher Sajdak says

    Same here!

  9. Kacey Cope says

    from what i can tell, go's from around the 1920s to anything b4, its more about how creative you can be for example, i've seen cowboy steampunk to Elizabethan, from victorian to medieval, so i don't think there would be a problem with the civil war style

  10. gargle snarf27 says

    very nice!

  11. Furret Tails says

    how awesome would it be to live in a world where steampunk was the main fashion? i think it would be wicked to see diverse everyone's clothes would be!

  12. Tina GearSmith says


  13. Popcorn Pigs says

    Do people walk around like that on a regular basis?

  14. Jason Anaminus says

    This is How I Steampunk….

  15. Emidio Vaz says

    I like the style & fashion.

  16. Captain Zarco says

    same here Q.Q there isn't much art around here… :s

  17. KraZy Jo 67! says

    i have been into steampunk since the late i have a question I am into the civil war american clothing and style so is wrong to want to mix steampunk with american civil war stuff I feel it would be cool but I just kinda want to keep with the steampunk style

  18. PodCap24 says

    i just wear some victorian and older typed clothes,so not really steampunk there but i still think it's cool when everyone sees you as 20 times classier gent than people who wear normal suits

  19. Protocall13o2 says

    thrift stores and flea markets is a costumer's best friends and a craft store is where the hangout is! 😀

  20. Jasmin Mini McTainsh says

    Just getting into costuming now! 😀

  21. Pandoran Age Chronicles by Dante D'Anthony says

    Also an Outer Limits Episode, but the influence on Ridley Scott was evident.

  22. Mister Sand says

    ABNEY PARK IS IN THE BACKGROUND 😀 Probably already know that but thats what first got me into Steampunk. I need help designing an outfit though

  23. guildwarsSNOW says

    search for 'Newcastle Central Arcade' – I think you will like 😉

  24. kletts42 says

    This video is great! It's a bit inspiring to get me to search for more articles of clothing to add to my wardrobe.

  25. Kel Benson says

    hi people just seeing if i can get some help, im 15 years old and don't know where to start with steampunk like i love the style and i love making things but i have problem with getting things together (any body get what im trying to say if so please let me know if u can help) thanks 🙂

  26. Rose Thorne says

    @harrypotter520 sorry did not think to look at your profile until after I posted, ignore last link lol. if you search for steampunk free patterns you'll find pages (I got a million responses, though how many of those are the fall back of the internet (porn that is) and how many are fake offs to places selling outfits (if you buy always check materials used, and ask about size charts they are using, etc) but there are plenty of helpful steampunk fans/costumers/clothiers who offer free patterns…

  27. Rose Thorne says

    put h t t p : / / at start
    Watch the video (DIY long sleeve shirt using old one of contrasting color & which also points you to other video sites at the end.

    DIY spats & VA bobby pins

    image ideas/patterns mostly female styles.

  28. Rose Thorne says

    For some it is fashion, for others more of a lifestyle (there are steampunk designed homes if you can afford it).
    Others play one of the assorted games (I play Airship Pirates, the game from the Abney Part site as well as games that have a similar 'dial back the clock' feel like the Serenity/Firefly game – with its western vibe; the American West was at its height during the Victorian Age, failing, as the VA did at the end of the century).
    So what it is really up to what you want it to be…

  29. Rose Thorne says

    If you bothered actually looking you'd see most of the goggles have multiple flip down and twist over lens NOTHING like cyberpunk. Also, while the goggles are an easy 'badge' of both genres neither depend completely on them, ie the people with OUT the goggles in the video. Actually I thing bowler and top hats are more common than goggles (with a dash of more lady like hats :D) but the hat and goggles together pretty much rule out cyberpunks and Vampire LARPS…

  30. JayTheBoat says

    Oh Crackitus, how i do love you and your backpack

  31. sirynxa says

    @ladyhadassah23 The Bradbury Building. Same location they filmed Blade Runner. I was given permission to film in it 🙂

  32. ladyhadassah23 says

    what building are they in? its so beautiful!

  33. john nahodil says

    really cool, i first heard about steampunk in one of the firefly channels

  34. Orange Volta says

    i want to get into steampunk but im low on brass sprockets and geard and i havent the money to buy anything like that, where do i start?

  35. SELongB says

    5:45 I don't care if it's steam punk or 20s retro bowler hats are cool at any given time

  36. sirynxa says

    @nivispeaks I haven't heard of that con before! Well I'm glad I could be of some help 🙂 I'm a steampunk costumer as well so it's awesome more awareness is getting out there!

  37. Nivi-Nikole Hicks says

    @sirynxa Of course I will credit you! And the Convention is Anime Banzai, they jumped on the band wagon of themeing your con steampunk this year but weren't exactly sure as to how to really ADD the steampunk aspect. So they asked me to do a steampunk panels including a 101 and I think your video would be perfect to help. 🙂

  38. sirynxa says

    @nivispeaks Also make sure I'm given credit! 🙂

  39. sirynxa says

    @nivispeaks That would be awesome! What convention will this be at?

  40. Nivi-Nikole Hicks says

    A great video! May I share it during my Steampunk 101 Panel this October?

  41. ikillesuper says

    do u need googles?

  42. blueboy680 says

    Pretty girl.

  43. Fangbane says

    DOC BROWN. When I go on these vids and people ask, what is? I use Doc Brown from Back to the Future 3 with his long coat and engineer apron and his goggles, thats a perfect example of steam punk and theres even jules vern references in that vid.

  44. Cherry Valincourt says

    I hope someone opens up a little shop that exclusively sells steampunk.

  45. Lisa Cucchetti says


  46. mythghost says

    for some reason i see steam punk and daft punk music going together well

  47. RedBigButton says

    @TraumStarke Iron Cast Goggles ARE sold over here…

  48. Mod60s says

    All makes sense to me!

  49. LangBellsChannel says

    i hope steam punk doesn't get to popular because then everyone is going to try to do it and give it a bunch of stupid titles like what happened to emo goth and scene everybody started calling themselves whatever and it got lame even I'm not a steam punk i just like the way it looks its just my opinion

  50. Captain Faust says

    Very informative.

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