1. Erik Ray says

    Terrible The OLD Women Barely Can Walk THAT FAR THEY ARE SO OLD!!!

  2. amelia hot says


    I loro stati di salute
    rispettivi prevenirli🔥🔥R

  3. zeedoui99 says
  4. Батима Айқынбаева says

    Красота !!!!!

  5. Thelonleywanderer says

    The dresses were amazing! The men's however were generic and stale as a left out Ritz cracker. Wow! you can make shorts! How original. As a man, I watch stuff like this to find out about new clothing designs that I can ware out in public and be as different as my personality is, but all I see are shorts! I really do hate minimalism for men.

  6. 绿梦飞翔 says


  7. Jason Hollister says

    Those "WOMAN", Most DEFANTLY have HER "SWAGGER", DOWN too there "FRAMEWORK's,………BUT damn, ALL in a GOOD WAY=selectie "WOMAN"….🛑🛑!!👌🏼

  8. Dung Tran says


  9. Mush Mouse says

    Ridiculous outfits. Pretty ladies.

  10. Maya Nath says
  11. notfiveo says

    I am standing here beside myself…

  12. ابوزهراء كماليات says

    Nice and nice

  13. lorena zanellini says

    Musica orrenda

  14. Kokayi Ufanifu says

    The guyz outfit were uneventful!

  15. いまきた うぽつ says


  16. Aiub Mobile says


  17. Pharris Hunter says

    This show is hot, I like it!

  18. 이센스 says
  19. 渡邉政雄 says


  20. Clayton Ealey says

    These are some very sexy beautiful lovely sweet gorgeous ladies..

  21. Riza Uka says


  22. ジュンジュン says


  23. Malin deka Deka says

    Its too much tho

  24. Wild About Philly ETS says

    GREAT fashion show Video!!! 🔥I love the way you put it together!! I think this is one of the best ones yet !! ❤ Looking forward to your next one! It's
    awesome!! Keep up the Good
    work!!!!! 🔥

  25. Arif Atifb says

    disgusting Allan gojob porok jahanama Agona jolba

  26. U says


  27. Daniel Serrano says

    nee sl^t kl^k kiss hour

  28. Dao Le says

    Các puy cô rất đẹp thank you đã đăng tải cho xem

  29. Gustavo Ulises Loaiza says

    La modelo que sale los 4:27 mns. está de campeonato minimo primer lugar . muchos besos .👋👋👋😘😘😘😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹😛😛😛

  30. sugar sun says
  31. Tung TG Nguyen says

    Mấy thằng bây bị vợ đuổi hay sao mà sách giỏ ở trần… Đầu đội nón vậy….????

  32. Robert Huber says

    Top moda and models. The music is shit pure !

  33. Slick Jimmy Speaks says

    Sexy. Looks like the wardrobe for Pricess Aura from Flash Gordon.

  34. Oswaldo Viteri says

    Feicitacrons y aplausos a las mujeres a Tan bellas y a los caballeros lAs mujeres llevando prendas de vestir de diferente color y diseño
    Arquitecto Oswaldo Viteri pintor escultor muralista

  35. عبدالقادر دريس says

    تعليق هذا شعب معمر راسو مهوش خوي حوت في هواء طلق

  36. ibles bosuok says

    Perfect lovely curves

  37. Dũng Trần says

    Thank you

  38. Ulugbek Saipov says

    Fresh brilliant new ideas. And only 1,2… I like it. Very good.

  39. Happy Bear says


    Your video is great. Come to see me sometime

  40. حسن عطيف says

    أإ نشالله يارب يدخلون النار

  41. WHITE LION says

    Bravo…great show!

  42. WHITE LION says

    The SQUAD…pretty cool 😎

  43. WHITE LION says


  44. WHITE LION says

    Miami shows always have the sexiest models (not anorexic and have curves).

  45. WHITE LION says

    That girl sitting down in the black & white stripes dress is the most beautiful!

  46. WHITE LION says

    Hello thumbnail girl…

  47. Mig says

    It’s vulgar!!!

  48. 老人ホーム予備軍 says


  49. Евгений Скрипченко says

    Спортивные малышки!

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