1. Cubic Stone says

    How did you get the update by the way

  2. Pro studio Dc2 says

    Why i don't have this update

  3. geaphril dizon says


  4. pamela patacsil says

    Mine still dont have its weekly misions

  5. Yhs Teoh says

    I have that update bcuz i use happymod to downlaod it UwU

  6. Yhs Teoh says


  7. Yhs Teoh says

    And i have many gems

  8. Yhs Teoh says

    I have that update bcuz i download in happymod so i have that

  9. John grimaldo says

    But it still coming soon in missions in stick war legacy?

  10. BRO TARK says

    You must hacker that can win this Gam but I love your video gaming 👍👍👍👍

  11. [D_T]herson the wolf hernadez says

    Wow cool update😎

  12. magma78 b says


  13. Manuel Pz says


  14. Manuel Pz says


  15. Manuel Pz says


  16. Veronika Pankratova says

    я зашол в стик вар лэгаси и там не была обновления

  17. Тосик Арутюнян says

    У меня тоже такой в телефоне

  18. Aminah Selamat says

    orang pro

  19. Abd Abd Aljalil says

    كيف فتحتة

  20. Sukanya Srinuantang says

    มันผ่าน challenge ยังไงอ่ะ

  21. GAMING PRO says

    Great speartons on the star Me-swordwarts and archers

  22. Yu Yi says

    تفو على هاذا الفيديو تفو

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