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Stockholm – This city of islands welcomes you to enjoy its streets, sights and stories. Check out our footage of the waterside city and start planning a trip of your own!

Check out all the places we visited in this video:

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#Stockholm, Sweden’s gorgeous capital, truly encapsulates style and simplicity. It is forever faithful to its historic story and proudly displays 750-year-old historic gems in its heart, Gamla Stan. Yet this city doesn’t live in the past. It has a vibrant modern today, too. In Norrmalm, admire striking contemporary masterpieces of architecture, which complement their age-old neighbors.

Stockholm is effortlessly stylish, yet charmingly simple, and navigating around its 14 islands and 57 bridges is a breeze. So, make you next #vacation be to this “Beauty on Water” and discover its cultural gifts. Let Stockholm sweep you away in a current of inspiration and delight.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. SwedenUA - спільнота українців у Швеції says


  2. Panasony MicroOled says

    Certainly the most beautiful, underrated city in the whole world. However, one cannot say Sweden ?? w/o mentioning Ikea, Volvo and Hästens!

  3. Rahman Elias says

    I have been to Stockholm Twice and I love it but most importantly i love the people there and how awesome they are! they have one of the best shrimp dishes i have had! Pure love from California

  4. Danish Chougle says

    A glimpse ofbeautiful city of Stockholm if you find it good please like the video

  5. Andre Dewar says

    Sweden like nice??

  6. Raphael Moraleda says

    Im a seafarer and i travel a lot as well this video inspire me to do more videos. If you have a little time i have my 1st ever video in Copenhagen pls watch and subscribe have fun keep safe and godbless everyone!!

  7. nahla nabil says

    Avicii introduced me to Stocholm

  8. Aakash sharma says

    One video Caribbean countries

  9. Don Rae’s World says

    Always love watching travelling videos. I started a page with short video phone clips of my travels. I respect the work you do so thank you for documenting the world!

  10. mangulica moravka says

    3:27, billboard model with a facemask, published last year………weird…..

  11. Esahli simo says

    السويد ٱجمل بلاد في العالم

  12. Alroy Burke says


  13. Alroy Burke says


  14. aditya purwanegara says

    Stockholm is soo beautiful

  15. Javier Muñoz López says


  16. Cesar Olivas says

    Es una ciudad hermosisima!! Definitivamente lo visitare pronto?? saludos

  17. Mohammad ikli says

    i wanna be there one day

  18. TheMissArianne Arianne says

    I can’t wait to go one day.

  19. Afaq Zaman says

    Simply amazing want to travel to Stockholm soon inshAllah ❤

  20. U-tube editoR says

    [Lecce, ITALY – Vlore, ALBANIA]….wants a EuroStar undersea train…make it happen and "we" will give stockholm and turku a new high speed ferry…

  21. Peter Kružic - FilmFish says

    Beautiful ?

  22. anders streifeldt says

    Sweden is not a nice country anymore – it is a fact that many swedes escapes from their own country..The country has totally changed,, it is scary…

  23. farhana shapla says

    The country of ZLATAN

  24. ZhangtheGreat says

    To this day, Stockholm is the most beautiful city I've ever visited. Never mind all the sites; I could've spent four hours sitting by the waterfront doing nothing and it still would've been a phenomenal day. No other city, even those on water, can match that level of appeal. Jag kan inte vänta att åka tillbaka!

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