Stoke City fans break Soccer AM volley challenge record!!!


Stoke City fans took on the Soccer AM volley challenge this week with 9 the score to beat…


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  1. Trapper Flexing says

    The title should be: "shitty GK against Stoke City fans"And not spoiling the whole video…

  2. Ethan Roberts says


  3. sukhjeet Aujla says

    I would really like to see RVP doing this channel.

  4. mistree roh says

    Trash keeper

  5. Pazoozoo says

    Good effort from the boys. Terrible keeping however

  6. ThunderGaming says

    literally just have to hit it on target, u don't need power against a statue

  7. ThunderGaming says

    must be pretty stoked

  8. Missouri Mongoose says

    I didn't know Goldberg played soccer

  9. Tohid Mujawar says

    Lovely performance from boysMore interesting to see was goalkeeper. 😃😃Heavyweight

  10. HELLO GUYS says

    And now we’re getting relegated from the championship

  11. Shane O'Leary says

    What's the name of the tune when they're doing the challenge

  12. Tomas Levratto says

    The keeper is a ball😂

  13. Conor O' Sullivan says

    This keeper sucks!

  14. Ermin Dedic says

    But can they do it on a cold rainy night at Stoke?

  15. fiachra dillon says

    Why do you always give away everything in your titles.

  16. Benji Winger says

    Theres always 1 player that gets underneath the ball overtime and Peter Kay's it into the carpark

  17. pkpk says

    You guys should get 2 keepers, that's so tiring

  18. Kaushik Das says

    I saw Lloyd Griffith.

  19. SmallPurpleBumpie says

    The keeper is a toddler

  20. sofaking wetoddid says

    they would have probably got 1 more only for dopey bullard the bollox getting in the way before the time was up….has to be centre of attention he is like a child FFS

  21. Ruthypops1 says

    Good God Bullard is unbearable

  22. a sef says

    Ray Charles would of saved more

  23. malalala691 says

    Do ya literally have to be handicapped to go on soccer am to take the volley challenge??…it’s scurrilous every week…apart from these lads ha

  24. MrVadallat says

    Replay it with normal keeper…

  25. PFC says

    Are you a keeper or a cleaning lady?

  26. Σκέτος Ψ says

    The goal keapet was..

  27. Real OG says

    Stock city have fans?

  28. Ben Kelly says

    Only thing we’ve ever won

  29. Denis Tomashevskij says

    That keepee tho 😁😃😁😃😁😃😁😃

  30. God says


  31. J o s M e r says

    My favorite goalkeeper !!

  32. Jubra 73 says

    Is this de gea?

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