Street Power Football Gameplay (PC HD) [1080p60FPS]


Street Power Football Gameplay (PC HD) [1080p60FPS]
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PC Specs:
CPU: Intel Kaby Lake, Core i7 7700K 4.20GHz
Motherboard: MSI Z270 GAMING PRO
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 32GB DDR4
HDD: WD Black 4TB SATA-III 7200RPM 128MB
Graphics card: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8GB DDR5X 256-bit
Power Corsair HXi Series HX850i
Case: NZXT Noctis 450 Black
Operating System: Windows 10
Monitor: ASUS VN247H-P 23.6

Game Information:
Sick style and high-energy action come together in this arcade-style football experience. Face off against street football legends or friends in a variety of over-the-top game modes and playgrounds, unleashing tricks and crushing Super Powers as you grow your status to become Street King.

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  1. Dani Rustananda says

    All we need is volleyball games

  2. Chieko says

    Pirate it on Fitgirl or Xatab repacks. Dont spend on overpriced garbage.

  3. Sharmuta SharmutaTron says

    Kind of looks like an old game

  4. Flawless Victory says


  5. Ryu says

    he is playing without music

  6. דוד ביטון says

    i like the sounds 🙂

  7. Winter Nix says

    Cool game but where is the music

  8. Vondiasu Fracara35 says

    Thank g for Captain Tsubasa

  9. Joseph Flannery says

    I'm sorry but the shit look clunky as hell…. why is it 50 bucks

  10. ETS Films says

    Shhhhhhhyt game

  11. Jason Rivera says

    Shit looks awful lmao

  12. Paulo Roberto says


  13. Chris Hansen says

    Everything about this game is so shit. LMAO.

  14. Benjamin Clement says

    Shame as a futsal player I have been waiting a long time for a good game like fifa street, this is not it! the sound is so bad and game play looks like I would be bored by end of 1st match 🙁 thanks for the video

  15. Der Shadow says

    Fifa Street 3 on Wish :

  16. Beer Market says

    street football is about having to do with unsual terrain while still respecting the overall spirit for football (aka only touch with your foots).

    This is not street football just hood football

  17. Vondiasu Fracara35 says

    Are they playing in the library

  18. Daniel Moxley says

    My Playstation 2 is screaming from my closet shelf, "Dude, I can totally run that game!"

  19. sheflacko 2008 says

    Fifa with nba emotes

  20. Fauzi Setiadi says

    I was hyped up for this game, but after seeing this, meh I' ll pass

  21. ZombaHenry garrotKomp says


  22. O says

    Wtf is this..looks like some free mobile game..

  23. Sakina Khalid says

    That’s why I like it

  24. Sakina Khalid says

    Yoanna free style plays on this

  25. Fahad AlBaz says

    This is just pure junk…i feel sorry for anyone that bought…..even if it was for free i wouldnt waste my time playing it

  26. VGFightSchool says

    Hmm! This game is making EA likeable.

  27. Victory says

    urban freestyle soccer is the game you are looking for.

  28. Mxtiaz says

    Fifa street 4 is ten times better than this

  29. محمد العنزي EC3 says

    wow the fking silence, what a cheat #ss game

  30. ꧁๓ค๔เςคภ꧂ says

    Only for Windows 10?…

  31. tierrycs says

    the atmosphere is so quiet and boring. And the sound effect is like a sitcom.

  32. victoria helburn says


  33. MoNos DirtyGaming says

    Rather play fifa street lol, skipping on this purchase.

  34. spamerek48 says

    Power? yhm

  35. Silver says

    Fifa Street is the best, Fifa Street is unique!!

  36. Marjan Sarec says

    looks like even bigger piece of shit than Fifa STreet

  37. Weebu UwU says

    game available on FITGIRL

  38. mehdi abdo says

    ps1 gameplay with some new graphics

  39. Cengiz Yilmaz says


  40. Prøxy says

    $50, what a joke

  41. The Sorrow says

    PC MASTER RACE . 60FPS and high end graphic and shadows

    after that PS2 graphic lol

  42. Jaivardhan Deshwal says

    anyone remember Urban freestyle Soccer….

  43. DAV TECH says

    thumb up for the vid, thumb down for the game

  44. Badr Mahmoud Badr says

    lol so shitty, ty for the review though

  45. Body Freelding says

    The ball is completely attached to the bodies, there is no way to make some real free style..

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