Striker Soccer for Android (screencast)


Enjoy this fast european football game for Android!
In this game you have to be fast to beat your opponents. These are the main features:
– Choose between 32 teams.
– Play friendly games.
– Realistic 3D physics.
– Three different types of controls.
– Zeemote control support.
– Full control of your players, kick, pass, tackle, jump.
– Define your preferred tactics to win.
– Full edit of the 32 teams in the game
– Create custom competitions
– Now with KIDS MODE!
– Papaya mobile integration
– Goals replay
– Spin and elevation control with accelerometer


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  1. mohamed jamai says

    Es verdad,es muy bueeno puedes crear competiciones y mas cosas y elegir nuevas ligas en fin,es buenoo!! 🙂

  2. Señalizamos S.A.S. says

    No mentiras es muy bueno cuando lo jugué puedes hacer equipos lo recomiendo

  3. Señalizamos S.A.S. says

    Es un porqueria

  4. tommyjones1978 says

    sensible soccer is back! hahahah

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