Stuttgart Germany Travel Guide


A travel guide for visiting Stuttgart Germany. Highlights include: Stuttgart City Center, Hauptbahnhof Main Railway Station, Stuttgart Market Hall, Mercedes Benz Museum, and the Porsche Museum.

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  1. Bruno Suster says

    700 rente ohhh

  2. Bruno Suster says

    Fur mir Botoșani was platz Who ich bin gheboreen kinder ai scule und Stanca Costești nur dieses und meine eltern ich gedanke immer în deutchland dann 1996 wenn ich habe ghefaren zuruck în roumanien în roumanien jamais nimals munca nicht kommt gute zeit mit covit oder one keine jamais ist sade arme land

  3. Bruno Suster says

    Meine father und meine muther nicht wollen lebst în andere stadt în roumanien Tg Mureș jamais în germany în Leipzig wenn ghefunden eine biliger apartament în 2008 auch muther hat ghesacht nein habe swester ohh

  4. Strop says

    Great place for post lock down riots, highly recommended!!?????

  5. Can says

    i will

  6. Soumik Adhikary says

    He ate which is similar to Roll of Kolkata

  7. Anonymous says

    Wer kommt auch alles aus Stuttgart???

  8. Nikoloz tbilisi says

    Spricht wie Donald Duck??

  9. I am a millionaire I am a millionaire says


  10. gantswood says

    Brilliant video. I live in the UK and have never been to Germany before and due to my love for cars – Mercedes and Porsche are my favourite brands, it makes sense visiting this city.

  11. * Photogramagic * says

    Funny, to see the city you live in through the eyes of strangers. ???

  12. jfakoggl says

    Nice infos for travellers. You only forgot one attraction in the very center of Stuttgart: The 3-Farben-Haus!?

  13. Bimo Prabowo says

    Planning to use this guide for my next Stuttgart trip! Thanks a lot!

  14. Fred Harvey says

    Wasn't the VW Bug also co-designed by Hitler?

  15. Jonas Hermawan says

    very informatif thank you…

  16. BirdsNation says

    The video is excellent, but the people in Stuttgart are nasty.

  17. let go! says

    3:30 Herrenberg (*-*)/

  18. 岡田茂吉 Mokichi Okada says

    I love Germany

  19. whitestardust says

    You should learn how to correctly pronounce the local names, beginning with the name of the city you're presenting.

  20. TrangleC says

    Yeah, 4 Euros for a soft drink unfortunately isn't unusual in Germany.I think the money they are charging for drinks and beverages is ridiculous. It even sometimes seems as if restaurants are luring in people with cheap food, only to skin them with overpriced stuff to drink. For what a cup of Coke costs at a McDonalds restaurant in Germany, you could get a whole gallon of Coke at the next supermarket. I think that is also why they don't offer free water in restaurants in Germany and why free refills are pretty much unheard of.The only place I know in Germany where you can get free refills, are the restaurants in IKEA stores and even they half ass it, by deliberately making their soft drink fountains spit so much foam that filling your cup or glass becomes such a annoying, tedious and messy chore, that hardly anybody gets a refill.Of course I can't prove that my little conspiracy theory is true and that they really make the fountains create foam on purpose, but I think it is pretty obvious. I have never seen any other such fountain produce anywhere near as much foam.

  21. vinoth babu says

    Beautiful city.. lovely place to visitThanks for sharing this video

  22. bungavicky's channel says

    I had thru all of the streets on the video 🙂 I love Stutggart!

  23. Lady Bug says

    Love this video I noticed you don't have one about Weisbaden. Would recommend Stuttgart for an active young family to live or visit over Weisbaden which seem to be less to do outdoor dining etc

  24. 龍Kin shun Sharon lung sha sha says

    Sharon lung kin shun.own. 房屋 土地

  25. Milos Nedeljkov says

    Really straight forward!, I went through about 4 visiting stuttgart videos before I found this ?

  26. Mario Filio says

    greattttt video

  27. Simmozheim Tube says

    very nice travel report of a very ugly city. but stuttgart is not worth any visit. I cannot believe anybody decides to travel to stuttgart. especially nowadays the S21-horror makes the crowded mess even worse. traffic jam, pollution, to many immigrants, expensive, unfriendly, no go places, and not any really tourist attraction.

  28. El Salvador Surf Camps says

    Here some good tips to visit this city

  29. VegasTim says

    A bit of nerdy trivia, the Mercedes "star" is actually a propeller that is not moving.  And the BMW logo is light shining on a moving propeller.  Both companies started out as the same company making airplane engines, hence the logos!

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