Summer Game Fest: Unreal Engine 5 Reveal and First PlayStation 5 Gameplay


Join Geoff Keighley for a special SGF event, Wednesday at 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT / 4 pm BST.

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  1. Instaguser007 says

    It needs more triangles

  2. Patchex says

    Amazing! Great work you Gals and Guys! I am looking forward to your landmark upgrades and hard work!

  3. Action Game Master says

    i imagine a new sonic and Mario game with this engine.

  4. Гоша Улыбышев says

    А что за игра была самая первая ?

  5. TombyKK says

    so ps5 poops on high end pcs

  6. Petr Lazar says

    Great, so when can we expect Unreal remake on this engine? I mean, come on Epic! You are bleeding (Fortnite) money right now!

  7. Mar Ant says

    Upgraded CPU and graphics card and BAM! My PC poops on ur limited PS5! Lol!

  8. HAL 9000 says


  9. Brandon Bullock says

    Hmm, I am coming from an article stating that what's being displayed here is a show case of what the new PS5's SSD is capable of doing. Claiming that this "new" type of SSD along with the GPU, and the way "memory is stored" will open up gaming not even seen on PC. Anyone gaming on PC knows that gaming on SSD's is nothing new. Plus, I'm curious to see what type of GPU will the PS5 be working with that helps makes these types of graphics possible. Not to sound too skeptical, but I'm calling bs until further notice. Yea, what we see is nice but some of the stuff they're claiming in that article doesn't make sense from a hardware perspective. Plus, making a statement that PS5 will surpass that of PC is a very bold and lofty statement.

  10. XboneX says

    The games should have realism, and this is it.. And I can't wait for PS5.. ?

  11. David Slaner says

    What's the name of the game ?

  12. Jim Smith says


  13. mayen67 says

    "The Unreal engine 5 is real" no Geoff its unreal!

  14. ZeusWeus says

    Tim Sweeney looks so proud of himself saying disc players have their origins in the 1950s.Everything has its origins in the past you donut.I get Epic want to force us all into a digital world where we're enslaved in online ecosystems but physical games will be a part of the industry for the forseeable future and should never go away, it should always be an option.

  15. Black Omega Ent says

    I really wanna know what game they used to demo the engine cuz it looks interesting.

  16. Juanro Aguiló says


  17. Cat D says


  18. Mr. M says

    Is this a double upload?

  19. DRAGON ALONE says

    when will riot game be offered

  20. Nick Doonan says

    The Sony sponsorship is strong with this one. Not only are you advertising the first look at a PC software's power on a console but you may have just divided the community too lol. I'm sorry but this idea of having a virtual live chat discussing new features is probably not what the majority of people want. The first part of this video was an incredible start and i was gripped…. when it then went to ''skype with my buddies'' that's when you started losing us. All i could think of all the way through was ''that electric lightning lamp was placed there strategically…..why?''. That could explain the downvotes. A 12 minute video showing off the power of UE V would of been more successful than the additional 38 minutes of talking about it. Hell, a 3 minute trailer TEASING unreal engine V would of been more successful, albeit disappointing but still better than this.

  21. Peter Fox says

    Listening to this .. Tim Sweeney kind of reminds me of "Q" from Star Trek. … "we are working on evolving the whole continuum"Just without the sombrero. Geoff Keighley would the "Traveler", of course, jumping through Space and showing us new realities. LOL!I'll see myself out. Sorry …

  22. blue dew says

    T R I A N G L E

  23. Danzig Hjalmur says

    Gotta love the ps5 marketing deal and gag order on Tim to not mention Xbox Series X.. sad

  24. Jet says

    When we can reach Jeff Bezos's trillion triangles

  25. Miles Jazz says

    Thats alot of down votes..Lol But yeah it looks good

  26. D J says

    1080p upload? ummm yeah.

  27. Noble Society says

    Good content, ill keep my eyes on you fam ?

  28. Thando Gumede says

    Looks great, but we all skeptical… We are always shown great graphics and gameplay in the next big thing before the disappointment in the real thing

  29. Cornybeef says

    Pretty but will it work on my Honda

  30. choro lothar says

    Look up at the sky. It burns! OOOOOOOOOH ELDEN RING

  31. James Davis says

    The Raw. Truth.

  32. DAGES says

    Никакой разницы нету пс4 пс5 одно и тоже гамно

  33. Mustafa Tuncel says

    Oh Wildr rift riot games pls

  34. Turtato says

    4:54 " just works and we call this–KING CRIMSON

  35. Reynaldo caballes says

    League of legends wildrift

  36. Jasephase2k9 says

    I printed blueprints design of ps3 before was anounced give to many idea feedbck before was anounced even ideas on a ps5 build sony gives option to give feedbck

  37. ChilliheadGaming says

    I hope they make Uncharted 5 in Unreal Engine V. Looks amazing!

  38. Jasephase2k9 says

    fortnight erm erm erm is like this seems scripted remembering what to say erm erm erm hw many erms how can ps5 improved improved faster 100 percent funtionality best peformance ssd 5gb amd zen 2 8 core 36 cant remember compute units 10.6 tera flops i remember before xbox one x was anounced mark cerny stated 10tflops was needed to do full 4k native 60fps on every title ps5 will not do full 8k native only textures not full 8k native is not possible mabe some ray traceing not full ray traceing a pc had problems doing 8k on first 8k graphics card ps5 needs more CUs is way to less for what ghz is going through those chips xbox is over 50 CUs is less ghz

  39. Jasephase2k9 says

    As got to be compressed it just works howard screeech fallout 76 noooooo why use is fraze

  40. African Girl says


  41. R Zhao says

    We've seen it before… Games and tech demos look amazing before the next gen is officially out. And when it's finally in your hands, you get the downgraded crap which is nowhere near what is displayed on showcase. I'm not even just pointing to Sony (remember killzone reveal on ps3?), but there are several companies that do the same.. Notoriously Ubisoft. They say it's all running on ps5, but how do we really know that for sure? Why waste time on building a tech demo when during the COVID-19 crisis things are being delayed. Something doesn't sit right cause I'd be more relaxed knowing that next gen games are actually being developed for us to play.. not for us to watch.

  42. IxUr LiFe says

    This is Sony doing what they do best delivering on exactally what they say they can do while ignoring the xbox hype and trash talk staying focused on there tech and development like I said before ps5 already got this in the bag the new controller is amazing to the response the feed back even my cousins dev kit looks dope asf. Sony ain't even worried thats why they been so so quiet they got so many things going on they don't need to to bother about zbox

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