summer morning routine 2020! * healthy & productive*


hey guys! hope u enjoyed the video! xoxo sara
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  1. Sara Joy says

    hey guys!! I just wanted to say I was joking when I said we never walk our dogs, we do, they’re just super tiny so we don’t take them very often and they’re always running around in our yard! hahah love you guys ??

  2. Indi Roussety says

    Where’s the necklace frommm

  3. subra maniyan says

    They r so boring…before u used to put some good ones..but now its became irritating

  4. Clvudii _ says

    God bless you all

  5. hailey Zingraff says

    it is healthy to take your dog once a day I understand if you don’t have time to do once a day. your dogs are super cute too

  6. Lea Marina Ćubela says

    Where did you get your pearl necklace??❤️

  7. Maren Kaymak-Loveless says

    “okay so now that my pool is done exploding” lmaooooo ?

  8. Katelynne Cykler says

    her fucking laugh her fucking laugh

  9. baylkat says

    i love your videos and everything but theres no reason to freak out about a necklace girlie

  10. siena squillo says

    you are who i STRIVE to be

  11. dhwani bhalla says

    I love ur nails soooo muchhhh ??

  12. Hank Perez says

    I know this comment is very random but I have the same fridge as you and I love the hot water feature!!!

  13. Jada Dacunha says

    How old are you

  14. van_ essa says

    I love your videos ❤️

  15. Kenzie D says

    love your vidsss.!

  16. ciarahana says

    She looks Like maddison beer and nessa OOP

  17. Darya Abigail says

    omggg we have the same fridge??

  18. Averie Rogers says

    is it just me or did anyone think the bluelight glasses where white until Sara told us they were green. like what the heck lol

  19. Georgia Haag says

    Girl how are you so pretty? And nice like whattt

  20. Tsira Torozashvili says

    Cute girl love you

  21. Gabrielle Ocasio says

    Let’s just say she’s so amazingly beautiful

  22. Grace G says

    Is it just a me, or does Sarah look like nessa Barrett-

  23. Mary Isabella says

    This video made my day omg I loved it

  24. Fabiola Suárez says

    How is Sara so pretty. OMG

  25. Liv Cirianni says

    Omg u literally look great in EVERYTHING!! Whether it’s a hoodie or dress…I just don’t get how that’s possible lol

  26. Lila Mintowt-Czyz says

    thank you for making the video exactly 10 minutes long ahahah its so satisfying

  27. Emily Coffee says

    Can you do a thrift haul and tip video?

  28. Nikki Hannah says

    everyone: woah sara you're so pretty and aestheticme in love with her fridge its so cool-

  29. Kelso says

    The poop OMG

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