1. Thrifty Tiffany says

    Air Fryer https://www.amazon.com/OMORC-Airfryer-Circulation-Healthier-Preservation/dp/B07CZZ59CQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=omorc+air+fryer&qid=1595813105&sprefix=omorc&sr=8-3

  2. Laura Dean says

    Will be trying the brussel sprouts! Have had something just like that at a restaurant and it was the best brussel sprouts I ever had.

  3. Deon Robinson says

    Looks good Tiff??? I’m going to make the chicken tomorrow! Thanks for sharing

  4. Laura Villalobos says


  5. ROBIN is Amazing says


  6. autumn reyna says

    Do yall eat pizza rolls. They are so good in air fryer

  7. Carla Hasley says

    Looks great

  8. COLONIALJO says

    only 3 pieces TIFF?

  9. Donna Latson says

    Yummy ?

  10. Angela Bolio says

    looks great! I do my brussell sprouts like this but add chopped bacon also!! ps bought the starbucks blonde big bottle of ice coffee my new favorite:)))))))))))) Almost to 60k yayyyy

  11. Tammy R says

    Looks delicious! Can’t wait to make this!

  12. Katherine Mauro says

    Bought the same rice cooker a couple of months ago and love it! Target has the same rice cooker on sale for $16.99 right now!

  13. Ashley Thompson says

    Look amazing!

  14. Sherry Sawyer says

    Looks delicious!

  15. Georgie B Marshall says

    Hi Tiffany. I love your hauls and cooking but I have a question. Why you don’t watch your meats?

  16. Autism Mom says

    Looks yummy ?

  17. Irene Talley says

    It all looked delicious! I’m trying those brussel sprouts for sure, yum!! Thanks for sharing! Be safe! ?

  18. Elaine Mccall says

    Hi Tiffany ?, what beautiful looking meal ? you make it seem so easy.? I love brussel sprouts so that recipe is really appealing.? I now must get me an air fryer and a rice cooker. I need more counter space. LOL ? TFS, BLESSINGS from Florida ?????????

  19. Elizabeth Morrison says

    Omg… that looks Delicious, next time I’m off this is what’s for dinner….I’m hungry already, is there anything you can’t do???

  20. Nancy Bumgarner says

    Hey to you as always it looks so good. Have a good week

  21. Doreen C says

    Ty..this is dinner Tonite… love your air fryer recipes…God Bless you and your children..

  22. Vanessa Harris says

    I love your"Sunday Cook With Tiffany". I love, love, love your spice cabinet. My Grandfather always said, a good cook is as good as his/her seasons. I know you're a great cook ???

  23. Pauli . . . says

    Love my air fryer and rice cooker too. It takes the guess work out of cooking rice :). You dinner looks beautiful. You make great meals even when they are simple ?

  24. Cindy Lou says

    Your Sunday dinner looks so good thanks for sharing have a awesome week?

  25. Maria Mercado says

    I've only had brussel sprouts boiled and really didn't care for them. Going to have to try on your way and see if I like them better. Thank you for sharing

  26. Ronda Horak says

    Looks yummy Tiffany!?

  27. Lynnette Glascock says

    Looks yummy! So what was your total time on the Brussels sprouts? Tfs?

  28. Pamela Jordan says

    Looks good gotta get a air fryer

  29. Jackie Taylor says

    That chicken looks so good ??? Tiffany you are great cook☺?

  30. Robin Snell says

    Yummy another great meal TFS love from Wisconsin

  31. Tisha Martin says

    Looks amazing Tiff

  32. Jeannette Goozey says

    Looks delicious. When I cook Brussels sprouts I use orange juice olive oil and seasoning when I roast them.It comes out tasty. I will try next time using maple syrup. I do use maple syrup when I cook baby carrots with butter…Take care and have a fantastic new week bye from California

  33. Jennifer Isaac says

    Looks delicious!!!

  34. susan offutt says

    I think I need an air fryer. It looks like it makes life so easy for you. And makes everything so delicious. Need to get one.

  35. Kathy Weber says

    Looks good but who isn't getting a piece of chicken??????

  36. gwen grayer says

    I tried the lemon pepper chicken in my instant pot, it was good, had mix vegetables with it yesterday. I got my rice cooker from D’D discount store a years ago for $2.49 . That look good

  37. Amber2002 says

    I love all your cooking videos. Thanks so much for showing us how you make your brussel sprouts. They look so delicious & I can't wait to make me some.

  38. Leslie Jackson says

    Looks delicious !!! ?????

  39. Violet Rose says

    Enjoyed watching looks great tfs

  40. RENE JOHNSON says


  41. Kimberly Jones says

    I always move my chicken over and cook the Brussels sprouts at the same time. It looks delicious

  42. stephanie Martina says

    Looks so yummy TFS will try maple syrup on brussel sprouts

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