Sunshine On Leyth – S7-E2 Back Post Table For One! | Football Manager 2020


Football Manager 2020 lets play in which i take charge or Whitport Athletic of the Isle of Leyth, in the 8th tier of English football. With zero budget and very poor facilities we aim to bring them up the league all while battling against Blackhaven United, who have the money and the influence.

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Where did you get the name SecondYellowCard?
It’s the name of a football blog i used to run

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  1. Hyde Hill says

    I'd start with the regista or deep-lying playmaker.

  2. Mark Ramsay says

    Well this is a career change for John Richardson. From a decent comedian to Whitport superstar, the journey of dreams.

  3. facekickr says

    Ok, so I'm going to sound really dumb…WTF does a Regista do? I see it FM and I read the description…I just think "…he's a DM with good passing." But is there anything else? Sorry to sound so boorish; but I don't get it. Thanks in advance!

  4. EOJ Productions S;ddrgvcxs says

    Leigh the league two messi

  5. Luke Smith says

    Yeah regista is a smart move, particularly as the football needs to get more sophisticated the more you rise up.

  6. Nero the Average says

    Well, one thing that can be said with this save, Whitport live comms have no shortage of excitment!

  7. Gangster Joey says

    at notts county you had lee lee, now you have leigh lee at whitport

  8. Guðlaugur Valgeirsson says

    You could say that Bird is the word for Blackhaven in the fight to stay up

  9. Karl M says

    LSJ and Leigh on the left could be called the Lees on the Left

  10. Rogan Dean says

    I'm very much in favour of the regista. I put one is my 4-1-2-3 tactic and it's a rating generating machine. They do a really good job of finding little pockets of space and keeping the ball moving. The two players I rotated in that position got 19 MOTM awards between them, set average ratings records for my club, got 100s of passes a game and averaged about 8 key passes a game. I think it's a really dangerous role to use

  11. Lord Richerd says

    LSJ must be SOOOOOO annoying to play against!!!

  12. A V G says

    why is there still only 23 teams in league One?

  13. Sir SDG says

    2:00 guess I'll have to be neutral as I manage Crawley in fm ?

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