1. Moa Imchen says

    Thanks for the incredible small subtitle

  2. John Ambrosio says

    stronger than you

  3. tamika aziz says

    Detective Dee movies are off the chain!!! Thank you. 謝謝!

  4. Sagar Gartia says

    Hindi mi upload kara yar

  5. Kahoni sumi says

    Nice movie( watching from Nagaland Northeast India)

  6. Ramjan Saikh says

    Don't ignore this movie

  7. Jobert Bitago says

    Such an amazing movie.?

  8. jude joseph says


  9. eugenio solari says

    So well done, this movie!!! Plenty details and no deffects, great! And also the message is good…

  10. Joel avergonzado says

    Tang ina nyo mga bobo

  11. nExistenc Perfumne says


  12. Art By Záyn says

    Can I know name of that guy on thumbnail,,,can anyone say?I really need

  13. Art By Záyn says

    Movie name please ?

  14. paker stark says

    One of the best fantasy movies…

  15. Fox Chlor says

    This is Alien speaking, I am watching this video from outer space. Interesting movie tho. and hey Can I get a like since I am an alien

  16. Tural Narimanovv says

    CHİNA FİLMS NUMBER 1. RESPECT FROM AZERBAİJAN????????????????PUBG İD: 5533 627 459.

  17. Ms. Jane says

    Yuwen yue from princess agent..If im not mistaken?

  18. Fercil Jemenez says

    Awesome ??movie

  19. Saryoko yoko says

    I like chinese movie ,bagus filmnya ….

  20. Siful Islam Rajib says

    Any supper Chinese fight new move name..?

  21. Vanessa Alcanatara says


  22. james tapales says

    hello,love your videos :)(:


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    Here I saw the full movie, and now I want to share this link with you, so that we can both enjoy it.

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