SUPER BOWEL 50 – Axis Football 2015 Gameplay


Fire up the old gridiron and turn up the nachos because, boy howdy, do we have a big game this year! The Denver Ponyboys and Carolina Furries are at it again in a pigskin match that’ll leave you breathless, I tell you what.

Tailgatin’?! Sure, we got that! Big boys swigging beers by the parking lots with the fans of the old Red and Green and Black yup yup yup. Tune in this Super Sunday for Super Action with Super Hot Ballmen, running around with their jiggling butts and concussion-proof helmets. Did we mention that all the players get one free MRI per game? That’s just how we roll in the United Futball Teams!!

Oh gosh and I forgot the commercials which everyone lies and says they only tune in for. Animated cola pigs and maybe that hot racegirl who sells us websites, they’ll all be there just for us.

Experts in Vegas and Reno are saying the spread is too tough to call but you better believe all your coworkers are excited to fill in squares with numbers and win money from their friends. But don’t illegal bet because in Fotboll that’s a no-no, just like deflagegate unless you’re a Brady.

Anyway, on with the show, can’t wait for it. Halftime we got a big band playing all the hits, with fireworks and big old military planes, so get excited! Are you ready for some Superball!?

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  1. Owen Callesen says

    any 2020 viewers? lmao this video is still gold and still has me in tears

  2. Kōtuhi says

    Day 28 of re-watching all Funhaus videos…

  3. Abadababa _ says

    Screen fake lol

  4. genericAVGNfan says

    That thumbnail

  5. Hennimore says

    Washington Redskins renamed to Washington Savages, Black player named X. Inmate lol

  6. kiidampuller97 says

    Someone make a video of Bruce’s random screams during gameplays like in 2:26

  7. sgt major says

    And yet Superman Tom Brady was still MVP.

  8. CezrDaPleazr says

    This video is legendary

  9. Baati Nagawo says

    Sometimes I forget Adam used to play football

  10. Don Ciccio says

    Wow that was a great finish though and wasnt even meant to happen

  11. Kevin Holik says

    instead of watching the actual Super Bowel, I just watch this every year

  12. Evan Johnson says

    I return to this video every year to celebrate the super bowl

  13. NoGloveNoLove32 says

    Oh man, 2 years later, I still die from laughter at 7:31

  14. Dachondra Cason says

    who noticed the thumb nail??

  15. Dino man says

    Adam king of interceptions.

  16. Abraham Solis says

    Thought for sure I heard Tod Howard in the beginning

  17. HeadshotTatertot93 says

    ESPN had an amazing football game and so did 2k

  18. Martin King says

    Adam doesn't laugh as often as Bruce or James, but when he does it's so pure and good.

  19. HugeWangPiece says

    I can see why they ultimately decided to separate their work space and recording space lol. Must be so hard to work in that environment

  20. Sahil S says

    This is one of those golden videos that I can't stop laughing at no matter how many times I've watched it

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