SUPER BOWEL 51 – Axis Football 2016 Gameplay


Oh boy, it’s the big day! Can’t wait to watch the Whositz Whatevers take on their bitter rivals the Irrelevant Whogivesashits on the frozen tundra of Some F*@#ing Place!

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  1. Wise Wolf Tony says

    No wonder this game is shit the creators don't even understand the damn rules to football. Seeing how instead of time running out in the 4th of a tie game instead of it going to overtime. They just decide to give the team with the ball when time ran out and extra minute of time to score and if they do that ends the game. Like wtf is that how hard is it to program in a second a coin toss to see who gets the ball first in overtime. It just baffles me that Madden games from like 2001 have better graphics and game play than this game.

  2. Tim Poultney says

    What's the music they used for the Bruce replay?

  3. Goudacris says

    Lawrence and football don’t mesh like Lawrence and anime

  4. CezrDaPleazr says

    Fuck yeah

  5. Jay Lew says

    Before the start of the game I would of been completely comfortable betting the deed to my house, motorcycle, and unborn daughters virginity on the fact he would not have any clue on what to do to start out without anyone's help

  6. Deven Clark says

    Lawrence should just stick to final fantasy and hentai

  7. Old soul 16 says

    Chill out its a game not a cussing competition

  8. Kruse says

    they predicted the super bowl this year

  9. Isaiah G. says

    They predicted what would happen in SB 53 LOL

  10. Adam Steele says

    good ole american throwball

  11. B C says

    i love that these peeps don't know several nfl teams play on fields that double as baseball stadiums. and i thought i was a nerd

  12. Cimanim Buns says

    I’m in the first game

  13. Deterral Brockington says

    Dude watch ur mouth bout baseball cus that's another one of my fav sports u wud probably suck at playing mlb 9 inning 2018 for one thing oh n go Dallas wranglers!!!!

  14. Lobna Alhalek says

    Anyone from Charlotte?

  15. Cubsfan122112 says


  16. ThisEmptyWorm says

    S A C K E D 1:40

  17. Jonathan Piza says

    I missed axis football this year

  18. Jo Wood says

    Why didn't they do this for 2018

  19. D3rpyman2000 says

    Holy shit…Atlanta went up early…new England came back…and won it in overtime…

  20. ultranoodles says

    Aw, no axis football 2017 gameplay

  21. Jotaro Kujo says

    I hope they post one for today

  22. AlbertBTG says

    Are you doing a Axis Super Bowl 52

  23. Kid Buddy Son says

    My body is ready for this year's installment

  24. Rex HardRod says

    Let us pray this is an annual thing that continues this year.

  25. VikerMen says

    they predicted the winner two years in a row… they even got the ot right ??

  26. Isaiah Kirkorian says

    lmao this is how the actual superbowl ended

  27. nejinaji says

    they better play this game every super bowl

  28. TenTonNuke says

    He talks to her like a special needs child. Good job, champ!

  29. TenTonNuke says

    I feel sorry for anyone who helped Kickstart this game.

  30. Joseph Solari says

    Why can you draw parallels between this and the actual superbowl

  31. Seru Thb says

    Looking back at this video they predicted the Super Bowl with New England winning in overtime

  32. G_Guy001 says

    12:29 Is there quicksand on the field?

  33. RandomTv says

    They predicted the patriots comeback and their win in OT.

  34. Alex Gambrell says

    I just noticed… that an amazing amount of their game is the same as the actual superbowl… the scores may be different… but the overtime win with the run with a great dodge and RIGHT on the line. The almost-safety on tom brady right after they tied the game. and the deep pass up the middle where their receiver caught it even though it was in between 3 falcons (edelman's legendary catch?) im just sayin…

  35. Sam Maluth says

    Bruce and James in a game?!?! What is this madness?

  36. Angela Lumenti says

    Lol I love this video

  37. darktennisball says


  38. Robert Johnson says

    I can't wait for super bowel 52!

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