Super healthy papaya smoothie for improved digestion and stomach health


This super healthy banana and papaya smoothie using a blender is not just good for your digestion, it is also very delicious, boost your immune system and keep you healthy and fighting fit against seasonal illness such as cold and flue. I can tell you once you try this smoothie recipe you won’t like any other smoothie, so give this recipe a try and let us know on the comment section how was the recipe for you. The best way to prevent illness is by having good diet and maintaining good health. This is of course obvious, you don’t need a degree to understand this. Papaya is really a super food, I hope you try this recipe and reap the benefit of good gut health. As always thank you for watching this video and subscribe to our channel to get new videos every week.

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  1. Tonio says

    You have a manly voice with a lady’s hands.

  2. Divyanshi 26 says

    No sugar?

  3. sule hassan shall says

    Tanx coz i hv seen changes since i tried

  4. Penny Key says

    Gonna do this now now thanx

  5. Rose Holley says

    Thank you so much for this video. Can you make more healthy drinks? T y my friend ??

  6. God Is Good says

    It looks delicious. I will try it. Also excellent video. Its straight to the point. Two thumbs up!!

  7. DrJayesh Shikotra says

    It came out really very tasty and delicious,thank you!!!

  8. Rachel Asagun says

    Is this papaya and banana smoothie good for diabetics

  9. Bhavani's kitchen says

    I love this recipie. Its looks so delicious and great. Iam your new subscriber. Hope you also support me to

  10. The FreeMelon Society says

    Gaaaah!!!!… So painful to see what would otherwise have been a great smoothie, ruined by adding yogurt (a.k.a. rotting cow milk) Folks..Just use Banana and papaya… that`s all you need. The sweetness is intense.

  11. Doreen Onekalit says

    New Sub. Nice voice too for a voice over. Straight to the point speaking.

  12. gourmet cavewoman says

    Excellent ? presentation ?….I am adapting your recipie with camel milk instead of water and some bio yogurt

  13. Deb Lab says

    To try this Smoothies. Thank you foe sharing your video

  14. Silviya Dsouza says

    Good drink thanks

  15. Etesam Eid says

    Wonderful and very good ?????❤️❤️❤️lliked

  16. pepsi Fisher says

    I always make this

  17. Linda Pasaribu says

    thanks for the recipe of papaya smoothies

  18. shalom's kitchen says

    Wow this is really helpful.

  19. Everyday Health Care says

    Awesome man

  20. Bebi Sheni says

    Asante ila mimi ndizi tu hadi nile 2 papaye nusu namaliza maziwa lita kila siku yaani papayu dogo gilasi 2

  21. Sk Gill says

    Pls use organic itemsAlso pls use melamine spoon for honey..dont use metal spoon…just an advice…tks

  22. NAIMA RAJAB says

    For good health nutrition diet.

  23. Shraddha Khadka says

    Pafaya…. lol

  24. Dinesh kumar says

    Can I use milk instead of yogurt? And if I do how much milk

  25. VISIT UGANDA with sweet 18 says

    Can't wait to prepare this for my man ???

  26. Life with Michelle says

    i blend papaya with very little water its so delicious,or with kiwi and pineapple, The taste of yogurt I don't like.

  27. Godfrey John says

    Too much hah..

  28. jessica__214 says


  29. Cooking With Mirah! says

    Yes super healthy smoothie! Love it. Thank you for sharing.

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