1. Pizza says

    la descargo :v

  2. لمعان says

    oh man god damn

  3. BenPeriod says

    recent comment passing by

  4. MeinKampfyChair says

    @BugKilledTangerine, you got that right!

  5. Greed says

    But now is 2014 need heard again

  6. Greed says

    I heard this music in 2012!

  7. Soyboy Redditor says

    I remember begging my older cousin to play this game like crazy! All I got to do was watch but I was still freaking amazed…

  8. Soapy says


  9. hi says

    i wish i played this amazing game.

  10. theRemz182 says

    nice super mario n64 video

  11. JoeDan54 says

    It's gonna be soo weeeird when people start nostalgiaing on 3DS games in 2050 or something..
    Luv N64 controller (SNES is better)

  12. kiseki says

    That's because it is. 😉

  13. NishiOxnard says

    This sounds a lot like it'd be from Donkey Kong or something hearing it now!

  14. SaltyMegaDeath says

    This makes it very difficult to select a file, lol

  15. Cadbil says

    Okee Dokee

  16. krazykasslin says

    Where are people getting all this mario 64 music? I can't find it anywhere! D:

  17. Hero_of_Time_91 says

    @nilepwnsu if you have a pc download windows moviemaker and look up movimaker tutorials on youtube and you'll learn how i gurantee it 🙂

  18. Andrew T says

    @Fr0zenNightmare same here 🙂

  19. Mike Corrales says

    okey dokey

  20. TrueAstralKnight says

    I like just touching the water and chilling to this sweet tune on my DS.

  21. John O says

    The next Super Mario game should be a sequel to this with a bunch of returning stages and music, plus new stuff thrown in too.

  22. Hero_of_Time_91 says

    this music is epic win. make a video showing mario's history and this as the bgm and you have a great video

  23. I don't like the new YouTube says

    This is one of the best songs in the game, and it's for one of the most useless things. I used to sit on the file select screen just to listen to this song loop, and it's just as good today 🙂

  24. DCWario886 says


  25. jayfree002 says


  26. InFinityPT says

    @Fr0zenNightmare same. it makes me remenber all the great times i spend on playing mario games 🙂

  27. Fr0zenNightmare says

    Simply the best File-Select Theme that was ever created.
    I listened to this everytime before I selected a file ;D. And after all these years it's still epic, I can't stop listen to it.

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