Super Mario Sunshine (All-Stars) Cutscenes – ALL MUSIC! NO SFX


Super Mario 3D All-Stars includes the cutscene music used in Super Mario Sunshine, which hasn’t been seen until now! Crazy, huh? I took the liberty of inserting these pieces of music on the HD cutscenes ripped from the game and compiled them into a video. Enjoy!

Jacob Heinrich
Giuseppe Mauceri
Austin Saco
Sam Branham
Timothy Collins
Cameron Troyer

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  1. D says

    I remember searching for the intros music years ago and being miserable it was impossible to be found on its own.I know the same thing happened with Nintendo adding the original SSB Melee theme to Ultimate.So neat when music pops up that might’ve been lost otherwise.

  2. Sellux says

    The sunshine switch controls are R to stand and spray, ZR to walk and spray, y to dive, x to change nozzles, and I don’t think there’s any way to control the water pressure though which you were able to do with the original GameCube controllers analog triggers…but I think if you do a quick press it will do a little splash

  3. StickFiguresMaster says

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  4. 0xA_444 says

    ewww what is this waifu2x shit

  5. DrMrProfessorPatrick says

    The jail theme is perfect.

  6. Algis Crack says

    8:29 YES! I always wanted the soundtrack of this cutscene!

  7. Chris A. Martínez says

    I mean the cutscenes are not FMVs anymore.

  8. BubbaBrix says

    YOOOOO!!! I cannot express how amazing it is we've finally reached this point; crisp quality of Sunshine's cutscene score. Sunshine is not my favorite Mario game, from from it, but DAMN does Sunshine have a great soundtrack both level wise and cutscene wise, and it was so unfortunate how we had no access to the ladder in good quality for YEARS. Hearing the tutorial music at 2:25 for the first time in clear, SFXless quality is so surreal. I freakin love that song, and I'm glad Nintendo included accessible versions of the score this time. Oh, and of course Mecha Bowser's intro is badass as well. Thank you so much for providing this, Nova! ^u^

  9. V3rb says


  10. mamaluigi811 says

    And that means we have clean voice clips too? Damn, that's nice.

  11. WeegeeGAMING says

    How’d you get this footage Nintendo helpin yaWait you make tpp which is a fan project Nintendo hates fan projects doe My brain hurt

  12. Kefou Kefak says

    5:28 please tell me the switch soundtrack collection will have this tune officially and we can finally listen to it without hearing FLUDD talk? There was no version of it anywhere on the Internet at all all these years!

  13. GlitchyYellow 64 says

    This is a certified hood classic!

  14. iownu92 says

    1:56 This would make a good ringtone

  15. Hubert von Vestra says

    The Super Mario Sunshine cutscene songs are underrated.

  16. Loui Handwerker says

    Nice !

  17. iownu92 says

    The vacation starts Friday ☀️🌴❤️

  18. spicy says

    These are awful. Just run through an upscaler.

  19. Zach says

    damn this is cool, do we know which version of sunshine this one is running? or does it swap depending on the language or something

  20. ShionKaito438 says

    This is amazing. I've been wanting a "voiceover free" version of the F.L.U.D.D. tutorial theme ever since I first played Sunshine.

  21. Getlucky12341 says

    At 0:14 Mario is literally at Bianco Hills with FluddIf you look at Shadow Mario during the Pinna Park cutscenes, you can see he's reflecting an older version of the level.At 4:10 there's a rock covering up the pipe to Pianta Village, the same rock that's on top of the lighthouse.At 7:20, Mario is sleeping on the Yoshi-Go-Round (you can only see the Z's he makes)At 11:00 the pipe to the red coin secret level is white.When Fludd dies the ferris wheel is the wrong color.12:21 You can see through Bowser's eye.I love these cutscenes so much

  22. Common Sense 5000 says

    Mario looks super off in these cutscenes.He's very muted and more grounded to reality compared to later games.Nintendo tried to make the series appear less cute and more humourous around this time,PS2 was mopping the floor with GC with more teen targeted games like Rachet & Clank and Jak & Daxter so I guess they aimed to emulate that.This screams the early 2000's, lets keep it at that.😅Thankfully, Charles Martinet still manages to make it work out.

  23. Hill Smith says

    I wish this could be done for the cutscene music for Fzero GX. There are legit songs on there that aren’t on anything else 😭

  24. mohsen attaryani says

    Im not have switch 😭

  25. Ricar2002 YT says

    succulent seafood

  26. FlameLFH says

    Oh God that cutoff is just awful…At least make it 4:3 with a custom boarder so we can see the full frame if you're going to upscale the cutscenes like this…

  27. Sacha Vaillancourt says

    Finally, something of actual legit worth from this collection!

  28. PK Ballz says

    I strongly disapprove of how they opted for cropping the cutscenes rather than remaking them in 16:9

  29. { TyphoonBloopers64 } says

    Thats cool

  30. NintendoFan says

    THIS IS A MIURACLE! I've waited for this for so many years. :')

  31. Pure Mops says

    really interesting how something like this wasn't able to be heard properly until now

  32. pokeguy4 says

    WOW those cutscenes look like they just went trough VEAI with the gaia-cg filter. ugly AF

  33. MetalMatiaxs X says

    Damn, it looks good on this quality! But the GCN version is still better on a CRT

  34. luisfer_dark 69 says

    Where is breaking the barrier?:(

  35. Spyro the Dragon 2020 says

    Possibly perfect video for dubbin'

  36. Tonester47 says

    Welcome to the sun-drenched paradise of Isle Delfino!

  37. Ewgg11xxx says

    Am i seeing a cancelled video or something?

  38. Jefferson Luna Ramos says

    A little strange no sounds

  39. SpaceIgneo says


  40. Double Pickaxe says

    @Marionova64 actually let's go this is epic thx so much

  41. ShaneMGD says

    yoo nice

  42. кing yυsυкє says

    speedz boi

  43. Luiz_Antônio says

    Amazing man! Gotta love Sunshine!

  44. Dan says

    This is awesome! I just wished that the cut scenes were the actual raw file but its an AI done cutscene…. 🙁

  45. Last First says


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